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​​When it comes to applying for a visa to a foreign country, you must try obtaining it on your own as the travel agents charge a whopping sum to get it arranged for you. It can be quite a tedious task to obtain a visa without any assistance by a travel company as you have to fulfil all the formalities by yourself. If you are new to the process, you may feel extremely tiresome to get things done. For instance, if you are planning to visit Canada for your next overseas holiday, here is the exact procedure you must follow in order to get your visa hassle free. Along with the visa, currency, flight and hotel bookings, buy travel insurance Canada​ online as well to stay covered from unseen threats while you are travelling. The pre-requisites of getting a visa for Canada from India are quite easy to fulfil. The visa facilitation services located all over India executes the entire process of obtaining a visa. Here are the few steps to follow in order to get visa for Canada –

1. Get Canadian visa form
You can simply download the form and the checklist from VFS (Visa facilitation services) official website of Canada. The site includes all the details about obtaining the visa. The form of most countries is quite lengthy and takes time to be filled. However, the visa form for Canada is relatively shorter and simpler. The fee for obtaining a Canadian visa is approximately Rs 4000 per person. If your application includes more than one person, the fee would be around Rs 8000. You just have to fill in the details in the downloaded form. When you have filled the form completely, click on the validate button on top of the form. This signifies that you have completely filled the form and will not make any changes hereafter. Once you click on validate, the barcodes will be generated at the bottom of the page. Once you see the barcode on the form, take a print out of the document and sign on the document along with the date.

2. Buy travel insurance
You must buy travel insurance Canada especially when you are travelling to a foreign country as the medical expenses in most countries out of India are really high. You can buy your travel insurance online in order to save time. Buying travel insurance Canada not just saves your time but also money as you do not have to pay anything to an insurance agent in the form of commission. 

3. Flight and hotel
You need to present your confirmed flight and hotel bookings to the VFS in India before applying for a Schengen visa. While booking your flight and accommodation, you must try and look for deals which offer a full refund in case of a cancellation. There are a lot of travel sites which offer deals that are fully refundable. Once you obtain your visa, you can easily cancel these bookings and start real bookings as per your visa time and duration. This is done to gain confidence from Canadian government that you are financial sound enough to make your bookings well in advance. 

4. Covering letter and essential documents
You must have all the documents along with a cover letter ready as per the requirement of VFS Canada website. Your covering letter should include the reason why you wish to visit Canada, how can you cover your expenses, history of visa applications in the past (Having a history of UK/US visa can improve your credibility)

5. Apply for multiple entry visa
Multiple entry visa simply means that you can visit a particular country anytime during the stipulated duration. The only reason why you must go for multiple entry visa is because you get visa on arrival the next time you visit certain countries and you earn credibility next whenever you apply for a visa to any other country.​