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Important Investment When You Start Earning: Health Insurance

Good health is quite literally the luxury, not even the richest can afford. Indian mindset has led us to be excessively optimistic about our health, believing to the core that nothing can go wrong with our wellness. On the contrary, the recent adversities in the health realm went above and beyond to prove how tremendously we have been overlooking our health and well-being, highlighting it with red- ‘We need to act. Now!’ 

Everyone is aware of how expensive the Indian healthcare corporation is, we rarely take it into account while planning our lives. It is a major setback in anyone’s life when a lot of their life-savings are blown off in a couple of hospital visits. The best way to save you and your loved ones’ lives is by investing in a health insurance​ policy that caters to all your requirements. Best time to do it? Soon as you start earning. 

Health insurance sure can’t protect your family from uncertainties, but make sure they get all the necessary aids to overcome poor health without the need to break your bank doing so. This blog will help you understand why health insurance is an extremely important investment when you start earning. Let’s get started!

Medical Costs are Beyond Extreme

If you are in constant touch with news in 2020, you might have heard how abhorrently the healthcare expenses have raised. One visit to the hospital can easily suck up to ₹10,000 including the doctor’s fees and the tens and thousands of tests they prescribe. Let’s not even get to the charges incurred for hospitalization or the treatment of chronic disease. 

The bottom line is if you have health insurance with good coverage policy, you can save all that money from blowing up. These insurance policies are designed to cover the forever inflating medical expenses and protect your savings while allowing an inclusive medical aid. Get the right insurance policy so that ‘bills’ are the last thing in your mind in case of a medical emergency.

Tax Exemption

You can claim as much as ₹60,000 if you have medical insurance. That’s right! If you have paid health insurance premiums for yourself and your family, the amount will be exempted from tax under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. If you’ve paid the premium for your dependent parents as well, you can avail of extra benefits. 
Conclusively, within one financial year, you can claim up to ₹25,000 for yourself, your spouse and children; and an additional  ₹30,000- ₹35,000 for your parents. Talk about extra savings!

No-Claim Bonus

If you’re worried about the loss of premiums on no-claim years, you don’t need to throw yourself under the bus. Some new-age insurance policies offer a fixed percentage of an increase in the base insurance as a bonus for every claim-free year. In addition to that, some companies offer discounts for a single girl child and independent women, encouraging all to have a safe and risk-free life.

Health insurances are a life-long protection cover for yourself and your family’s well-being and prosperity. If at all you are looking forward to starting saving up and investing for your future, take the first step, and buy the best health insurance​ to save yourself from any hassle during emergencies.