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​It is a known fact that healthcare expenses are increasing day by day. The dynamics of the healthcare business has changed dramatically. These days health insurance is no more a product meant only for seniors. Health Insurance is essential to cover yourself and your family from the wrath of sudden, mammoth fiscal expenses. Having health insurance policy is no more an option, it’s a need. Since last few years, medical inflation has been estimated around 15%, which is a lot. Despite knowing the need of the hour we still have a dilemma whether to buy it or not. This phenomenon becomes worst when it comes to children. We think they are not exposed to stress and uncertainty that adults face in day to day life.

Medical emergencies can strike anyone and anytime, no matter how old they are. However, experiencing health problems in the old age is almost natural; facing medical concerns at a young age is not rare. As a matter of fact, children require extra medical attention due to a variety of reasons.

Let’s identify the necessity of health insurance among children.

1.    Weaker immune system

We all know that the immune system of children is not fully developed, which means their natural capability to fight diseases is limited. Kids, five years old and below, are even more vulnerable to infections as their immune system is quite fragile.

2.    Vulnerability towards health problems

Children are usually susceptible to health problems and diseases due to their indulgence in nuisance activities. Generally, they contract diseases easily as compared to adults. This is because they often come into contact with other children who could be suffering from communicable diseases. Also, they refrain from eating healthy, hygienic, and nutritious food. They can be seen binging on junk food, cold drinks, and sweets. Not to miss, children often indulge in sports activities that put a lot of strain on them. If adequate care is not taken, any of these seemingly simple conditions can get dangerous.

3.    Prone to accidents due to slow reflex

Children have slower reflexes as compared to grown-ups. With due course of time and constant training, children’s reflexes develop to external actions. Kids are prone to accidents as they can’t react immediately as they see something coming their way. The parents must take good care of their children so that they don’t face such unfortunate circumstances.

Children are the most beautiful part of a family. They bring happiness and positivity along with them. But, every coin has two sides – with great pleasure comes great responsibility. Children are susceptible to illnesses, diseases and accidents. They need specialised care and treatment. Even a small ignorance towards their health can become big trouble. And, as we all know, the ever-increasing medical expenses can dig a deeper hole into our pockets. It’s better to be cautious than sorry. You cannot afford to wait for the right time to come. Health insurance is a must-have product. It is meant for everyone who is vulnerable to medical emergencies, from a new-born child to an elderly individual. ACT NOW! Buy health insurance and personal accident insurance online.