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​With the changing lifestyle, the risk of diseases is now increasing more than ever. People still do ask the question- Why should they get a medical health insurance plan? The answer is simple. Getting a health insurance plan prepares your family financially to protect you in the time of crisis. It protects the family from an unexpected blow and doesn’t add up the financial burden for the family at any point in time. 

Any insurance policy helps you financially in the times of crisis when things may not go right. It covers everything from accidents to hospitalisation due to pregnancy. The person undergoing any unfavourable circumstances will be eligible for the health insurance depending on the plan they have opted for. 

The insurance categories in the market are abundant and pointing out one too is difficult. To ensure that none of your family members misses this benefit it is important to add a nominee for your health insurance plan. The process could get a little fussy and confusing for first-timers however a right insurance agent can guide you through the whole process smoothly. 

How to add a nominee?

A nominee could be added while you are filling the medical health insurance​ plan offline or online. Your agent could help you regarding the whole process and all the detail would be clear if there is any doubt. 

There have been cases where people have made friends, cousins etc their nominee and thus the legal heirs haven’t received any claim leading to court cases sometimes. 

Who is a Nominee?

A nominee is simply a person mentioned in the documents by the policyholder. In the unfortunate case of death of the policyholder, this individual will receive all the benefits of the policy. This is relevant in terms of a life insurance plan and accidental deaths. Even though it is not mandatory sometimes to specify a nominee but for saving your family from the court matter a nominee must be appointed beforehand. 

There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to naming a nominee for benefits. A nominee could anyone you just have to mention the relationship you share with the individual. However, it is recommended to name immediate family members. This concept came in 2015 to clear the confusion regarding the legal heir as the policy nominee. 
In case of an unexpected event, it is not just the person but the whole family suffers. It is necessary to safeguard the people who are dependent on you through a life insurance plan by nominating them as a nominee. In this way, they will get all the benefits of the policy and could think of a stable future. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Provide complete details of the nominee
  • There is an option to change the nominee at any point and the last made change will be treated of value
  • A minor could be a nominee. However, they will only get the amount once they turn 18. 

  • These little details may help you in making the right decision. Go ahead and buy health insurance for family​ now and have a secure future.