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Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan OR Disease-Specific Health Insurance - Which One Should You Choose

​A common study according to WHO states that 86% of Indians pay for their health insurance out of their own pockets. In the time of this pandemic, many big firms have come up with exclusive COVID-19 polices. People are switching to buying online. 

Now the question here is whether one should go for a comprehensive medical plan or should choose a disease-specific one?

Comprehensive Medical Plan

A comprehensive medical plan is also known as the traditional health insurance plan where a particular set of action is chosen depending on the health situation. It covers all the major illness and also includes the seasonal illness and pays according to the plan customer has opted. 
The simple benefit of the comprehensive medical plan is that it covers the majority of health problems. These policies cover all kinds of respiratory diseases, which means they also cover coronavirus with a given condition that the person does not have coronavirus at the time of purchasing the policy. 

Disease-Specific Plan

However, a disease-specific plan caters to a particular disease. With a country like India where heart diseases, diabetes and cancer are growing day by day, people do sometimes prefer a disease-specific plan. It eliminates the long waiting time that regular insurance takes to pay for the given health conditions. The health insurance covers the particular disease at any stage whether it is at the beginning of the critical stage. 

Thus, someone who has more chances of having a particular disease and must need the medication immediately at any point in time, which generally happens in case of some family history may need the disease-specific plan. 

What should be chosen?

After knowing what each health plan does, choosing a comprehensive plan is a great option as it covers almost all your health concerns. Also, the sum provided in a disease-specific plan for a disease like a coronavirus is quite low thus it is better to have a comprehensive cover.

Also, as the niche plan covers the disease at all stages it is often costlier than the comprehensive health plan. Even one could get hold of the critical illness plan at a cheaper cost.

Policyholders often have to get a comprehensive plan and then add a specific disease plan for a better cover. The sum which is insured under the comprehensive plan can always be increased by taking up another policy. Every person must hold an insurance plan that is necessary for having a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Experts say that the disease-specific coverage makes sense for a client who has a family history of a particular disease. Otherwise, the comprehensive health plan makes more sense, especially nowadays when there is a higher tendency of suffering from various ailments including heart diseases, hypertension and other critical illness. The growing nation is realising the importance of medical insurance as day by day more people are opting for a plan that suits their need. It’s time for you to buy health insurance plan​ now.