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​Claims process- Health Insurance


We aim to make the claim process as smooth as possible for your convenience. Here's how to go about it:

Step 1:  Doctor advises hospitalisation (or treatment).
Step 2:  Intimate your health insurance claim (as soon as it occurs).
Step 3:  Cashless Claim -  Visit Network Hospital for the treatment.
Reimbursement Claim - Undergo your treatment at the Non-network Hospital and make the payment. 
Step 4:  Cashless Claim - Hospital's TPA Desk contacts us for arranging cashless treatment.
Reimbursement Claim​ - Submit your documents within 15 days of discharge for reimbursement.
For the flowchart of claim process, click here

Claim Intimation:
To make your claim process fast and smooth, we serve our health insurance​ customers through RCare Health (our in-house health claims unit). We also have appointed a Third Party Administrator (TPA) desk duly licensed by IRDA for the same.
To file health insurance claim request, Insured/Claimant can contact on numbers mentioned on the Health Card / Policy Schedule

Information to be kept ready -Health claim

1. Policy Number
2. Insured/Claimant contact details (phone no. , email id, address, landmark etc.)
3. Name of Insured/ claimant person, who is hospitalised
4. Relationship of insured with the person who is hospitalised.
5. Name of the hospital
6. Nature of ailment-(For health claims)
7. Nature of  accident- (For accident cases)
8. Date & time of accident (For accident cases)
9. Location of accident (For accident cases)
10. Commencement date of the symptom of ailment