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Can I buy Health Insurance for my parents?

​​Buying Health Insurance​ for your parents is certainly a good idea. If you consider the sky-rocketing medical prices and our dependency on private hospitals, it becomes imperative for everyone to be covered under a Health Insurance policy. However, buying Health Insurance for senior citizens is a different proposition altogether.
Senior citizens need Health Insurance the most and this point is recognized by Insurance Companies. Therefore, it is difficult or at least expensive to buy Health Insurance for senior citizens. It should be noted that most insurance companies refuse to cover people over the age of 70. In addition, the sum insured for senior citizens also has a specific limit. Most companies are reluctant to provide a sum insured of over 3-5 lakhs for senior citizens due to their susceptibility to sicknesses. Another thing to consider is the fact that Insurance companies carry out a health checkup for anyone over the age of 45. This helps them in understanding the pre-existing diseases which the insured person is facing.

Hence, do your research and find the best policy which offers​ enticing benefits and the most competitive price.​