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​​​​​Sandeep, age 40, a father of 2 and the only bread-earner of his family suffered a severe heart attack recently. Following which he was hospitalis​ed and given the required treatment. The expenses incurred towards his hospitalisation and entire treatment was huge, but thanks to his smart approach and planning he had covered himself under a health insurance policy from one of the best health insurance companies in India which gave him good coverage and paid for the emergency medical expenses. His proactive planning and execution of buying from the best health insurance company in India proved to be beneficial for him and his family, as it was the health insurance policy which bared the cost of the treatment and hospitalisation and he or his family did not have to bother with the finances for the same.
Though buying a health insurance is a wise move, what is even wiser is choosing best health insurance company in India.
How to determine which health insurance policy is best for you and your family? “Best health insurance” is a very relative term. What is best for one may/may not be for other. Below are few tips that may help you in answering the question ‘How to choose the best health insurance company in India:

1. Calculate your health insurance sum insured after analysing your present and future liabilities

Taking example of Sandeep; as he was the sole earning member of his family, he had financial liability like education to his children, family’s everyday expenses, etc. In such a situation, the sum assured has to be high, only then Sandeep could have managed his daily expenses and children’s education without letting his savings impact.

2. Look for the best health insurance company

Health insurance policies are provided by both life insurance providers as well as general insurance providers. As experts recommend, a top health insurance policy must be always bought from general insurance companies because there is difference in premium and by a common belief a life insurance company is usually known to focus more on life policies rather than health insurance.

3. Do a comparative study of health policies/premiums offered by top health insurance companies in India

It is always recommended before you buy the best health insurance policy from a health insurance company in India, as a thumb rule compare the health policy benefits and premium amounts offered by different general insurance companies to determine which is the best health insurance company in India. Also ensure to double-check the exclusion mentioned in the health insurance policy before buying same.

4. Check the track record of the general insurance company

While answering the question ‘Which medical insurance is best’ make sure your health insurance provider has a good claim settlement track record. You can find the same over internet reviews, from friends and family, etc. 

5. Check the list of network hospitals associated with the general insurance company

The top and best health insurance companies generally have tie ups with certain hospitals in a locality. These hospitals are named as network hospitals in the policy and they provide cashless facility to individuals having health insurance with that specific company. Check if the hospitals mentioned in the health insurance policy are also in your locality or vice-versa. At the time of emergency, it is very important to have the hospital close to your home than in a separate corner of the city you reside in. 

Reliance General Insurance has over 4000 preferred hospitals in its network list. It provides one of the best health cover policies in India. Recently the company has been awarded with prestigious awards for being the best health insurance company in India. Insure yours and your family’s health with Reliance General Insurance and stay assured of better care if the need arises​.​

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