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​At the begi​nning of every business year, you receive calls from various insurance companies for car insurance renewal. The conversations you have with several agents leave you puzzled as to which is the right car policy for you, where can you find the best car insurance policy, which insurance company should you go for, what is the real difference between the policies offered by these companies and so on.

Let’s help you out with all your doubts right away. When it comes to premium, there are chances that you might be offered a similar policy with different premiums by various insurance companies as each company perceives the risks in a different way. What you must definitely do is compare the insurance policies offered by insurance companies on comparison sites before car insurance renewal. Comparing the insurance policies can cut down on your premium by half or even more. 

The next thing you usually worry about is the place from where you can buy your insurance from. The answer to this question is really simple. You can buy car ​insurance online. Yes, you can compare various insurance policies and actually complete the car insurance renewal procedure from the comfort of your home. Most car insurance providers have tie-ups with car service centres from where you can get a cashless claim in case of any damage to the vehicle. You must check the list of tie-ups your car insurance provider has just in case you wish to know. Choose a reliable car insurance company as smaller insurance providers may offer you a cheaper policy but will not offer adequate backup and service when you need it the most.

Which plan should I go for? Well, the answer to this question is again simple. You must go for comprehensive car insurance policy as third party car insurance policy only covers you when you hurt someone or damage their property. However, comprehensive car insurance policy takes care of both your car and the third party’s liability. When you file a claim, the insurance company releases a premium amount after deducting depreciation calculated on your car.

What are add-ons and which ones are really useful?

Zero depreciation 
When you buy zero depreciation add-on to your car insurance policy, no depreciation is deducted while calculating the cover. You are ought to pay the deductible but the insurance company will cover the expenses without deducting any depreciation.

24/7 Assistance
This type of car insurance add-on has several benefits. You get 24X7 assistance in case your car gets stuck in the middle of the road. With this cover, you can get your car towed anywhere anytime. You can also get on-road assistance in case your car tyre gets punctured or your car runs out of fuel. This add-on only covers services. However, if your car requires a particular spare part to be replaced, the charges would be borne by the policy holder.