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When it comes to an international tour, the main focus is towards finding the cheapest deals on flights and accommodation. Most of us ignore buying travel insurance​. Whether you are travelling abroad or within the country, travel insurance is of utmost importance as it safeguards you against unseen situations. There was a time when people were not aware of the concept of travel insurance. Now, most insurance companies are offering an attractive travel insurance plan which has raised the awareness amongst people. The trend of buying travel insurance is picking up. If you are thinking of saving money on travel insurance, we would advise you not to as there are chances of unforeseen situations especially when you are in a foreign country. The reason why most people are still not buying travel insurance is that they are not aware of it completely and therefore they find it really difficult to pick the right policy for them and their loved ones. If you are clueless about what a good travel policy should cover, here is a list of things you must look for in an international travel policy –

Medical expenses
Any good international travel insurance policy must cover medical expenses related to a sudden ailment or caused due to an accident. The policy should cover costs related to the initial diagnosis, actual treatment, hospital transfers and medical aid. Not just that, the policy must also cover the accommodation of the policy holder if he/she missed their flight back home due to a medical situation.

In case of death
If the policy holder loses his/her life on the holiday, the policy should also cover emergency transportation to the home country. The policy should include the cost of funeral, expenses related to bringing the last rites of the policy holder. Alongside, the policy should include compensation for death or permanent disability.

Besides this, the minor things include compensation in case of flight delay or loss of travel identity documents/baggage. 

Damage to property
If you happen to damage the property involuntarily, the policy should also cover the charges payable to the owner of the property for the damages.

Financial security
If at all the policy holder is robbed, the insurance company provides fixed financial support as relief. If the plane in which the policy holder is travelling gets hijacked, the insurance company provides compensation usually on a per day basis.

However, not all travel insurance policies will cover all of the above benefits. You must carefully read the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy you wish to buy and therefore make an informed choice. ​