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Precautions to take while Filling Petrol in your Car at Petrol Pump

Filling up your fuel tank is preferably a mundane task to do. You generally don't think much of the consequences of what can go wrong while refilling your car's fuel tank. You tend to go to the same petrol pump, which is located closest to your home and that's when you get used to the surroundings and forget to be cautious. The very first petrol pump safety rule is that you should be careful and avoid doing things that can set the place on fire.

Here are some useful tips to keep you and your car safe at the petrol pump:

Turn off your car engine when filling the fuel tank

As soon as it's your turn at the fuel station, make sure you turn off your car engine before an attendant starts to refuel your car. Although no major accidents have been reported regarding not turning the car's engine, it a safety measure one should take care of. It's undeniable that there is a possibility of a mishap if the fuel dribbles through the nozzle and catches fire.


Don't ever smoke or use a lighter/match

There is a massive threat of ignition at a fuel station as it is filled with tons and tons of combustible items. Hence, it is advisable not to use anything that could start a fire. Special precaution should be taken when you are with kids. Do not smoke, do not light a matchstick, do not play with a lighter, and the list goes on. Keep any potential item away while refueling.


Don't use your mobile phone

As we all know that mobile phones, emit radiations, and hence they can cause a fire. Your device may heat up on a sunny day and pose a threat of explosion. This could prove to be highly dangerous at a fuel station. Always be sure to switch your phone off before you enter the petrol pump.


Be aware of the potential of theft

It is of utmost importance that you should be attentive and keep your personal belongings safe while travelling. There is a chance that you might roll down the windows of your car and forget about it. If you leave the car unattended even for 5 minutes, someone might take your belongings from the vehicle. Hence, keep the windows up and don't leave your car unattended.


Be careful when handling petrol

Take a holistic approach and avoid keeping any extra fuel containers inside the car; unless you are travelling on a barren expressway. Avoid doing anything that creates static electricity while you are at a fuel station. Static electricity can create sparks and light a fire. In case you see the presence of static electricity, touch a metal bar immediately.

All these points are essential, and you should remember them always. You cannot avoid going to the petrol pump, but you can reduce the chances of mishaps. In this scenario, car insurance comes into the picture. Car insurance covers you financially against such accidents.

While driving, always remember to carry the essential documents like driving license, RC smart card, PUC and of course the online car insurance policy copy in a digital or document format.​