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Cashless Medical Insurance - Benefits

​​​​​The primary reason of buying a health insurance​ plan​ has been observed as surety of right treatment at affordable rates. People want to ensure that heavy medical bills should not keep them away from getting right and required medical treatment in the hour of need. Moreover, cashless health insurance lets you avail the required medical treatment without actually paying for the same at the hospital. In case of cashless hospitalization, the insurance company bears the cost of medical treatments and directly pays the bill to the hospital. This means, cashless health insurance sets aside all your worries about arranging finance in case of emergency.
However, you can avail a cashless health insurance benefit only if you take the medical treatment from one of the network of hospitals of your insurance provider. To avail a cashless benefit of your health insurance policy, all you need to do is visit one of the network hospitals of your insurance provider and display your health insurance card.
In case your hospitalization is, you might have to first get a authorization (or authority letter) from the Third Party Administrator (TPA) of your health insurance company. While the benefits of cashless health insurance are diverse, the importance of the same is best understood while you are travelling.
Take a look at the advantages of cashless health insurance when you are travelling:
Occurrence of medical emergency while you are travelling, in itself is disturbing. In addition, in such a situation if you have to arrange for funds for the medical treatment, it can really bring up a worrisome situation. However, if you are covered under a health insurance plan and your insurance provider offers a wide network of hospitals in your country, then even if you are travelling in a different city, you can easily avail the cashless health insurance facility from any one of the network hospitals of your insurance provider.
If you are on a family vacation in a different state, the chances that you would not know many people might be low. In such a situation if you or any of your family members meets a medical emergency, you might not be able to depend on any stranger for help. However, with a cashless health insurance card in your wallet, you easily find your way out in such a crisis.
Some insurance companies might offer medical coverage for your trips even when you are in a different country. But mostly, the health insurance companies offer medical coverage only within same country. If however, you want to get health insurance coverage while travelling abroad, you would need to buy separate travel insurance. Therefore, if you have a health insurance plan, make sure whether it covers you in your country or even in foreign nations. Do not step out to a foreign land without proper health insurance coverage. The cost of medical treatment, when travelling abroad, is good enough to leave you bankrupt.


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