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What is Cashless Everywhere Facility?

Cashless Everywhere is an insurance industry-led initiative to give health insurance policyholders the option to get cashless facility at any hospital across the length and breadth of the country. This means Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. policyholders can now avail the cashless facility even at non-empanelled hospitals. In other words, our health insurance customers are no longer restricted to getting cashless treatments at network hospitals alone.

We, at Reliance General Insurance, are proud to offer our health insurance policyholders the Cashless Everywhere facility. This will ease the financial burden on our customers if he/she needs to get hospitalised at a non-empanelled hospital now.

With Cashless Everywhere, health insurance is more accessible than ever. So, don’t wait but buy health policy from Reliance General Insurance to enjoy this facility.

What is Cashless Everywhere Facility?

Advantages of Cashless Everywhere Facility

The option to get treated at any hospital without worrying about the bill is a boon for the policyholder. Here are some advantages of availing an anywhere cashless facility:

No restrictions on hospitals

Before the advent of the Cashless Everywhere facility, customers had to carefully choose the hospital to get treated in. This is because cashless treatments were available only at empanelled/network hospitals, or hospitals where the insurer/TPA has tie-up with. But with Cashless Everywhere, there is no restriction on whether one selects empanelled/network or non-empanelled/non-network hospital to get treated since one can get cashless facility across the hospitals.

No worrying about reimbursements

Now that policyholder has a choice to get cashless treatments at non-network hospitals too, one doesn’t have to worry about getting the hospital bills reimbursed. With Cashless Everywhere, all medical expenses will be dealt directly with the hospital by the insurance company/TPA. Customers can now say goodbye to reimbursement claims.

No geographical restriction

The Cashless Everywhere facility allows policyholders to get cashless treatments in any hospital anywhere in India. Thus, cashless is no longer restricted to a certain geographical location when a customer searches for nearby empanelled hospitals. So cashless treatments are available to our customers whether in the city they work in, their hometown or while visiting any other part of India.

When to use Cashless Everywhere Facility?

The choice of getting anywhere cashless treatments is available under the following circumstances:

  • 1) For planned treatments
    If there is an elective surgical procedure planned in a non-empanelled hospital, the customer needs to inform us at least 48 hours before getting admitted to the hospital.

  • 2) For emergency treatments
    If there is a medical emergency and needs an immediate hospitalisation, the customer can inform us about the hospitalisation within 48 hours of getting admitted to avail cashless treatment at a non-empanelled hospital.

Note: Cashless Everywhere is subject to the claim being admissible under the policy terms and conditions and hospital accepting the cashless facility.

Process to Avail Cashless Everywhere Facility

The provision to avail cashless treatments at non-network hospitals is subject to both the customer and hospital fulfilling their respective responsibilities. Given below are the conditions:

Customer must inform us of the planned or emergency hospitalisation within the given timelines. Given below are details on each scenario:

1) For Planned Hospitalisation
We should be intimated at least 48 hours before the proposed admission date. The intimation should be sent by email to: For any assistance, customer can call us on 022-48903009 (Paid).

2) For Emergency Hospitalisation
The intimation must be provided within 48 hours of hospitalisation & before discharge of the patient, whichever is earlier.

Details required from customer
Basic Information needs to be shared while Intimation with policy details, copies of the medical records, including prescriptions, proposed line of treatment, and relevant investigation reports. Here’s a list of required details:

  • 1. Name of the Insured Patient
  • 2. Policy Number /UHID Of the Insured Patient
  • 3. Doctor's Name & Qualification
  • 4. Hospital Name
  • 5. Hospital Address
  • 6. Hospital City
  • 7. Hospital Contact Person Name
  • 8. Hospital Contact Person Number
  • 9. Basic Medical Information
  • 10. Details of the medical/ surgical treatment

The Hospital has to send the admission intimation to Reliance General Insurance on a timely basis, complying with the process mentioned below:

1) For Planned Hospitalisation
The process mentioned under Patient Duty should be followed.

2) For Emergency Hospitalisation
Reliance General Insurance should receive the Request for Cashless Facility in the Prescribed Form within 48 hours after admission & before the patient's discharge, whichever is earlier. The Intimation should be emailed to

Details required from hospitals:
Hospitals not in the Company's Network should provide the following for elective/emergency hospitalization:

  • a. The Hospital must send the completed, signed, and stamped Pre-Auth Form with the Insured Person's signature. Click here to download the Pre-authorisation Form
  • b. A copy of the Letter of Consent & Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with signature and stamp is required to extend the Cashless Facility. Click here to download
  • c. Copy of the policy documents, including a copy of the Insured Person's valid Identification document, signed by the Policy Holder
  • d. Copies of all the requisite documents and medical records, including prescriptions, admission notes, proposed line of treatment, and relevant investigation reports
  • e. Estimate of the expenses with the break-up

One can easily buy health insurance online with the help of the following steps.

  • Step 1: Visit and select health insurance to begin.
  • Step 2: After entering the name, number and Pin code, select the kind of coverage one is looking for.
  • Step 3: Adjust the required Sum Insured. Don’t forget to include useful add-ons and avail of the various discounts before paying!
  • Step 4: Proceed to pay with the preferred payment method.

Once payment is completed, a health insurance policy copy will be delivered electronically and immediately.

Health Insurance with Cashless Facility

Terms & Conditions:
The Hospital where the treatment is to be taken should meet the requirements of the Policy and the RGICL's internal guidelines and should have a valid ROHINI ID. Cashless Facility would be available only if the treatment is admissible under the Policy's terms. The Company reserves the right to reject the request for a Cashless Facility. If the Cashless facility is denied, the policyholder may submit the documents on treatment completion, and the claim's admissibility would be subject to the terms of the Policy. Expenses incurred towards treatment in any Hospital, by any medical practitioner, or any other Health Care provider excluded explicitly by RGICL or any other Insurer and disclosed on their respective website / notified to policyholders are not admissible. However, in case of life-threatening situations following an accident, expenses up to the stage of stabilization are payable but are not the complete claim. (For an updated and detailed list of excluded providers, refer to the website

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