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Compare Reliance Travel Insurance Policies

Flight tickets? Check! Hotel reservations? Check! Shopping for your vacation? Check! We plan our vacation to perfection, ensuring that we have as much fun as possible without going through any trouble. What about unforeseen and unexpected circumstances such as falling sick in a strange country, loss or theft of your baggage, flight delays, etc.​? We can now take care of these events too by purchasing a Reliance travel Insurance policy and providing you with an option to compare different travel insurance policies before choosing the best one. Only a prudent person would safeguard his vacation from these risks. In case you are even smarter, ensure you compare travel insurance policies online to avail the best benefits in the cheapest rates.​ Reliance General Insurance offers enticing Travel Insurance policies that take care of all your hassles while you enjoy your vacation. Reliance General Insurance has tailored international travel insurance plans for you when you are travelling abroad. So, compare the travel insurance policies and choose what suits you the best. Take advantage of our overseas travel insurance policy to feel safe in a foreign country. We have specialized travel insurance plans for Asian and Schengen countries which gives you a customized coverage to suit the needs of these regions. In case you are a frequent traveler, don’t bother buying a policy for every single trip. Our Annual Multi-trip travel insurance policy offers coverage for multiple trips in the same year. We even cover Senior Citizens under a policy which is made keeping in mind their special needs. Don’t forget to compare travel insurance policies by Reliance to get the most affordable policy that suits your needs. Safeguard your entire family’s holidays against any unforeseen event by buying a Reliance Travel Insurance policy online.​​

Overseas Travel Insurance

  • No paperwork & instant policy
  • Cashless hospitalisation facility worldwide​
  • Quick & hassle free settlements
  • Free International Sim Card​
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Annual Multi Trip Insurance

  • Covers upto 180 days & extended to 365 days
  • Maximum sum insured upto 500,000 $
  • Elite & Plus incl Home burglary Insurance
  • Free International Sim Card​​
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Senior Citizens Travel​

  • No medical check-up
  • Cover pre-existing diseases 
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum incl Home burglary Insurance
  • Free International Sim Card​​
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Schengen Plan

  • Authorised Schengen insurer
  • Maximum sum insured upto 50,000 £
  • Quick & hassle free settlements in euro
  • Free International Sim Card​​
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Asia Plan

  • Travel policy starts at Rs 306/-*
  • Maximum sum insured upto 30,000 $​
  • No paperwork & instant policy
  • Free International Sim Card​​
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Student Travel Insurance

  • ​Secure total peace of mind during emergencies
  • No medical test required ​
  • Smooth and hassle-free claim settlements
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