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Mindful Travel Destinations for Peace and Tranquility

​​Are you also one of those who travel to a destination and want to visit every attraction that falls in the region? Well, you have been missing on to several mindful destinations and you might be unaware of it. In the rush to see and experience everything while traveling to a destination, most of us miss out on the mindful experiences. This blog comprises some of the destinations that would force you to slow down and enjoy the tranquility they have to offer. But before that make sure to ​buy travel insurance online from a reputable company. 

1. Provence, France
This picturesque destination in France has inspired numerous artists such as Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh. Simply wandering through the fields of lavender in Provence is so relaxing and brings tranquility to one’s mind. The best time to visit these lavender fields is summer by the end of June to mid-August when the fields are blooming, and mesmerizing the visitors with the beautiful purple shade as far as the sight goes. Explore the region around Roussillon on foot (ditching the tour buses) and make your way to enchanting ochre cliffs located on the edge of the village.

2. Skinnskatteberg, Sweden
Skinnskatteberg, a municipality in Sweden, just a two-hour drive away from the capital of Stockholm. This tiny town is located on the edge of a large lake. There literally are a handful of shops and houses, which means the localization is not that widespread here. The sprawling woodlands and wildlife in the area have beaten the civilization in the region. You can go hiking on the Burskedon hiking trail and loiter around stage 18, which is a 14km part of the 250km trail, and breathe in the fresh air and mesmerizing scents of the Scot Pines. After savoring the green serenity, head to lakeKolpin to swim across the wild water. 

3. Scottish Highlands, UK
Scottish Highlands, the largest local government area of the United Kingdom is a must-visit in winters. The mountains in the landscape come to life, there is always something special about this place in the cold. When the colors of autumn transit into sparkling crystals of winter, the destination becomes less populated. You would not find most tourists here in the winters, which makes it the best time to climb to the summit of a peak. We know it is easier said than done, but climbing a peak brings a sense of adventure and standing on top of it brings the sense of conquering and incredible serenity. If you are not confident you can also take a guided tour. 

4. Costa Rica 
Costa Rica is a country in Central America with its coastlines touching the Caribbean and Pacific ocean. The country has kept the meaning of ecotourism intact. This is a country of rainforests, hot springs, beautiful beaches, and volcanoes. The country bristles with eco-friendly hotels and boasts of the happiest and warm people in the world. Your stay in the nation will be full of serenity and happy moments, you will cherish for a lifetime.

These were a few of the many mindful destinations around the world. So, pack your bags, get done with travel insurance, book flights and set out for the memorable journey.