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Do’s And Don’ts to Know Before Getting On-Board in Your International Flight

​Travelling abroad is a fantastic experience, and one must have it at least once in their lifetime. It gives you exposure to a better perspective, new traditions, exciting cuisines, and a lot of other things. No matter how often you travel abroad, you tend to make mistakes because the entire task can be a bit daunting and needs a lot of preparation. 

Every country has a separate set of rules, and every airport varies in size, procedures, and ease of access. It is better to stay prepared than spend hours in the security check to get your luggage cleared. Listed below are the golden rules to live by when you are flying abroad- 


Leave the Liquid, and Mind the Powders

You are not allowed to take more than 100ml of any liquid in your luggage on an international flight. The 100ml limit applies to hand cream, moisturizer, and other beauty products as well. The same applies to the size of the container as also, implying the box itself cannot hold more than 100ml liquid.

Additionally, there's also a set limit on the amount of powder that you can carry in hand luggage. The items include face powder, talcum powder, powdered deodorant, salt scrubs, and detergent. The restricted limit is up to 350g each item, which shouldn't be exceeded although prescription and baby formulas are exceptions.

Know Your Customs Limits

Check the custom limits and restrictions thoroughly before flying to the country that you are visiting. There are a few items that you are not allowed to carry and travel with when you are flying abroad. These items include explosives, firearms, flammable, etc. 

Know What to Declare

Even though you are allowed to carry a few items to the country you are travelling to, it is best to declare the things you are taking to avoid any issues. By doing this, you can save yourself from paying a hefty fine.

Check Carry On Size

Check the airline website to ensure the limit of carry-on luggage you can bring with you. Each airline luggage has a different carry-on limit. Some allow 10kg, whereas some allow only 7kg and an extra purse and a laptop bag. In case you are travelling on multiple flights, do check the limits for each trip individually.

Mind Personal Space

Don't be the passenger who takes up the space of two and sits like he owns the entire area. You should be considerate of your fellow travellers and think about both your own and their personal space. Minding personal space doesn't mean not talking to the co-passenger or helping them; it merely means not invading their private space and behave appropriately. 


Don't Be Rude to Customs or Immigration

In case you have a doubt concerning your medication or other objects going through the x-ray, ask the officers nicely. Customs officers are just doing their duty, and they aren't obliged to do anything you ask. Therefore, it is better to be calm and play nice when talking to them. 

Don't Be Alarmed if You Be

Don't panic in case the alarm goes off when you walk through the x-ray. Several things can set off the alarm. Thinks like sole metal stability in shoes, belt buckles, mobile phone, coins, or a replaced knee can set the alarm off. 

Don't Be Impatient

Patience is the key, literally. Thousands of people go through the same situation/procedure at the airport. So, it is better to stay patient, be kind to people whenever possible. This goes for everything, from standing in the security queue to boarding the plane.

Apart from all the do's and don'ts mentioned above, there are several other points that you should keep in mind while boarding an international flight. Things like not leaving the luggage unattended or checking the website for the check-in time, etc. also, don't forget to insure your trip with a travel insurance policy. You can buy travel insurance online very easily. A travel insurance policy covers your international trip against unforeseen circumstances like lost passport, lost checked-in baggage, trip delay, etc.​