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What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance, commonly referred to as motor insurance, is an official association between a recognized insurance company and a car owner, serving to protect the latter from potential financial losses due to theft, third party damage, accident or calamities. This comprehensive agreement covers the expenses of your four-wheeler in case of unforeseen circumstances, including car accidents and natural calamities.​ 

Another sought-after advanta​ge of a trusted car insurance plan is the coverage it offers for your car damages arising out of accidents and thefts. Insuring your vehicle requires you to pay fixed-cost premiums, depending upon the plan opted for. 

Motor insurance is vital, especially if you are a frequent driver. No matter howsoever careful you strive to be on the road, the fear of accidents never fades away. This way, you can incur huge sums of money, either by damaging someone else's property or getting hefty fixes for your car repairs. 

While there are multiple types of insurance for motors, you must select the car insurance that caters to your specific needs. Whether you seek a safeguard from the possible financial implications from a third party, wish to secure your own car, or both— dedicated insurance plans can help y​ou!

Key Features of Reliance Car Insurance Policy

Key Features
Benefits by Reliance General
Cashless Repairs
82​​00+​ Cashless Garages
No Claim Bonus
Upto 5​​0%
Claim Process
Easy Video Claims**
Claim Settlement Ratio
98% Claims Settled
7 Add-ons available
Own Damage Cover
Third-Party Damage Cover
Cover for third party property/vehicle, Cover for injuries caused in accident

**Based on internal assessment for the time period : April 2019 to March 2020

Why Buying Car Insurance is Important ​in India​?

Buying reliable car insurance is an important financial step that you take as an owner of a four-wheeler. While there are multiple reasons that direct you to insure your car, here are some of the most highlighted ones: 

  • Keeping Up With The Law Compliance:

    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 firmly makes it mandatory for all car owners to have third party car insurance without fail. Driving your car on Indian roads without third party car insurance can result in legal objections. Thus, having car insurance helps you keep up with the law compliance while assuring your vehicle safety.

  • Protection Against Liabilities From Third-Party:

    Hitting your car on a third-party person or damaging their vehicle/property can lead t​o heavy liabilities. Buying car insurance protects the policyholder from these financial damages and offers considerable coverage against repair expenses. 

  • Safeguarding Due to Accidents and Third Party L​iabilities​:

    Having car insurance covers all the expenses that arise from your car damage repairs. Starting from min​​or scratches to significant car faults, your own-damage car insurance can help you deal with the situation. The exact terms and conditions of the insurance plan better outline the kinds of damages which are covered by the insurer.

  • Coverage Against Theft & Natural Calamities:

    Natural calamities are often unpredictable. Similar is the case of unexpected theft. If not covered at the right time, all these can result in high financial burdens. Insurance for your motor vehicle comes in handy if the parts of your car get stolen, or harsh climatic conditions impact its functioning.

Now that you know how important it is to buy trusted car insurance, you must also ensure a reliable provider to help navigate through the different plans available. Our dedicated professionals at Reliance help you at each step of your journey, making it a seamless one. 


Why choose Reliance Car Insu​​rance

We offer a wider range of servic​es and assistance to ensure that our customers do not have to go through any hassles:​

High Coverage

Buy comprehensive car insurance to cover third-party and own damage

Claim Settlement Ratio

Reliance Car Insurance has a claim settlement ratio of 98%

Attractive Discount

Avail attractive discounts that bring down your premium cost for a robust policy

Cashless Garages

Access to a network of 8,200+ cashless garages


Choose from 7 add-ons to strengthen your basic car insurance plan


Make claims by doing self-inspection via video using the Selfi App

Quick Locator

Use the Selfi App to locate the nearest cashless network garage

Voluntary Deductible

Cost effective option to lowest your car premium


Buy or renew car insurance with a few clicks anytime from anywhere

Different types of car insurance plans in India​

There are primarily three types of car insurance plans:​

Comprehensive car insurance​​

A comprehensive car insurance policy is an all-around extensive plan that provides coverage for both third-party liabilities and own car damages or losses. In addition to theft and accidents, a comprehensive car insurance policy also covers the losses arising out of natural calamities, lightning, collisions man-made disasters, vandalism, explosions, and more.​

Benefits of this policy​

Own dam​age

Third-party liability

Choice of add-ons

Customize your car IDV

Natural calamities

Personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lacs

O​wn car dam​age insurance

Own car damage insurance offers coverage for the losses or damages to your car. It allows the insured or the owner of the car to avail of flexible coverage depending on his/her needs and preferences.​

Benefits of this policy

Own damage

Choice of add-ons

Customize your car IDV

Natural calamities

Personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lacs

Third-party car insurance

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, third party car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. A third-party car insurance policy covers you against the financial losses or expenses that you will have to bear in case you are liable for the loss or damage of property, physical injury, disability, or death caused by your car. It also covers the cost of legal expenses that you may have to incur.

Benefits of this p​olicy

Death/bodily injury to a third party

Personal accident cover

Damage to third party vehicle

Damage to third party property

8​,​2​00+ Cashless network garages

Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Own Damage Car Insurance vs Third-Party​​

​​90% Customers​ Cho​ose This Plan ​Comprehensive​



Own Damage

Third Party​​

Dama​​​ge to your own vehicle




Damage to third-party vehicle / property




Customize car IDVCar Insurance




Damage due to fire




Damage due to natural calamities




Losses due to theft




Optional Add-ons

Personal accident cover




No claim bonus retention cover




Daily allowance benefit




EMI protection




Nil depreciation




Total cover




Engine protection




Return to invoice c​over




Tyre protector




RIM protector








Hospital Cash




Engine Protect








Key Protect





How can you save the premium of your car insurance?​​​

  • No Claim Bonus:

    ​No Claim Bonus is the reward you get as a discount on your premium at the time of your car insurance renewal if you do not raise any claim in the preceding year. The NCB increases with every claim-free year and goes up to a 50% discount on the premium.​

  • Voluntary Deductibl​e:

    ​​​Voluntary deductible is the percentage sum of the claim that the policyholder chooses to pay out of his/her own pocket. Your car insurance will cost less if you choose higher voluntary deductible value.​​

  • AAI Benefit:

    AAI stands for Automobile Association of India. If you are a member of AAI, then you can avail a discount on the premium along with a wide range of services and assistance.​

  • Anti-theft System Installed:

    ​Installing an anti-theft system in your car reduces the risk of car theft and thus claims. This makes your car less prone to losses and you enjoy the benefit of a discounted premium for your car insurance policy.​

Car Insurance Coverage

Reliance offers a rich suite of coverages with its well-defined policies for car insurance renewal online, helping you in different situations. Here is all that is covered by the insurance policy: 

  • ​Car Damages Due to Accidents:

    In case of severe accidents, extensive car damages can lead to financial liabilities. Comprehensive insurance or an own-damage cover can help you better deal with the issue.

  • Third-Party Liability Cover:

    Unforeseen car accidents can result in third-party damages, including the person. Our comprehensive insurance plan and the dedicated third party car insurance​ policy provide coverage against all these repair costs.

  • Damages by Man-Made Calamities or Fire Breakouts:

    Damages caused by fire from explosions and lightning are well-covered by our comprehensive car insurance renewal plans. Another significant coverage provided by the policy is the protection from financial liabilities for damages repairs due to terrorist attacks and riots.

  • Damages Caused by Natural Disasters:

    Our insurance plans safeguard you from the damages caused by natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, or heavy rainfalls.

  • Car Theft:

    The insurance policy helps you avail a reimbursement for your Insured Declared Value (IDV) in case of car theft. This is also applicable if your four-wheeler is damaged beyond repair.

  • Damages Incurred in Transit:

    You may need comprehensive car insurance to get cover for any damages incurred while moving your car across different geographic locations via roadways, airways, waterways, or railways.

  • Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Drivers:

    Our comprehensive car insurance renewal policy can help you get a Personal Accident Cover to deal with the monetary requirements during an accident where the owner-driver is hurt.

To top​ it all, you can also customize your car insurance plan by leveraging our 7 offered add-ons. This helps you further enhance your policy and avail more protection for your four-wheeler.

Below mentioned are the damages that are not covered by your insurance policy: 

  • Damages after driving without a proper driving license

  • A vehicle used outside India

  • Damages due to drunk driving

  • Ordinary wear and tear due to regular depreciation

  • Regular maintenance

  • Damages caused due to driver negligence

  • Commercial usage of a private vehicle

  • Damages due to crash testing and speed racing

  • Damages due to war or nuclear peril in the country 

You can always consider choosing your insurance plan based on your needs. While all the primary covers are included in the policy, you can further enhance it with the add-ons. This helps create the perfect insurance policy for you and your loved ones!

Add-On Covers in Reliance Car Insurance Policy​​

Choose from these 7 add-ons that you get with Reliance Car Insurance:

Total ​Return to Invoice

In case of a Total loss, Constructive Total Loss, or Theft claims, the Reliance Car Insurance provides an add-on of Total cover. This add-on cover indemnifies the policyholder for the amount spent on the registration fee, octroi, or any other fee levied by the government like road tax along with the insurance premium that has been paid out until the event of total loss or theft.

EMI Protection Cover

If your car is being repaired in one of our network garages and is retained for more than 21 days, under this add-on cover, Reliance Car Insurance will pay for your EMI. Note that this add-on is applicable for 3 EMIs. Also, an EMI is paid out only if the car undergoes repair through a set of 21 days. The second EMI will be paid if the car is kept in the garage for 42 days and likewise.​

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0014V01201920​

Nil Depreciation Cover

Depreciation is the wear and tear that happens over time due to usage. As time passes, the value of your car decreases which reduces the insurance coverage amount. The Nil Depreciation Cover add-on provides the full cover without deducting the costs of depreciation. This add-on allows you to get the whole replacement value and not the depreciated value of the replaced parts.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0013V01201920​

Engine Protection Cover

With the Engine Protection Cover, you will stay guarded against the cost of repairing your engine or gearbox because of water ingression or leakage of the lubricating oil spilling in into the engine. These events are not covered under a standard stand-alone or even comprehensive car insurance policy and can cause a major financial expense.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A00​11V01201920

NCB Retention Cover

No Claim Bonus is the reward you get for a claim-free year. It is applicable only at the time of car insurance renewal. However, the NCB drops to zero as and when you make a claim on your policy. With an NCB Retention Cover, you can keep and maintain your NCB despite making a claim in the policy year and thus, reap the benefits of a lower discounted premium.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0008V01201920​​

Daily Allowance Benefit

If your car is getting repaired in one of our network garages and stays there for more than 3 days, you can get a daily allowance covering the cost of your travel or commutation until the car is returned.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0010V01201920​

Return to Invoice

In case of a total loss or theft, a standard comprehensive car insurance policy pays the insured a sum equal to the IDV or Insured Declared Value. IDV is the maximum amount that the insurer will cover, and is based on the current market value of the car. The current value of the car and the purchasing value of the car are different. The Return to Invoice add-on cover allows you to cover the difference between the IDV and the original price of the car.​​​​

How Does Reliance Car Insurance Work?​​

Reliance car insurance policies offers transparent process, cover for damages and improved convenience. With our easy-to-claim registrations, you get faster claim approvals and seamless settlements based on your evaluated eligibility.​

To top it all, you can also boost your insurance plans with valuable add-ons that take your policy to the next level— offering enhanced motor safety. Here's a glimpse of how exactly the Reliance car insurance work: 

  • We pr​imarily offer three types of car policy​; Comprehensive Car Insurance , Own-Damage Car Insurance, and Third-Party Car Insurance.

  • ​​Next, you can choose from a suite of 7 add-ons that you get with Reliance Car Insurance and make your plan even more powerful.

Benefits of Renewing Your Car Insurance Online​​

Renewing your car insurance online helps you get cover for possible financial liabilities in the future arising from unexpected accidents. It saves you money by safeguarding your vehicle against damage repairs due to natural calamities. You can avoid the traditional paperwork, ditch long queues, and fasten your insurance process by making the renewal online. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Car Insurance Policy Online

Car insurance is essential for keeping your vehicle in good & working condition.​ The emerging technologies have made car insurance renewal a seamless process. However, one needs to be mindful of certain important factors when it comes down to buying a car insurance policy online. Some of these include: 

  • Keep a​ Note of the Policy Coverage:

    Your car's insurance policy coverage mostly depends on your overall budget. Besides the make and model of the car, the location of registration is another aspect to consider while you hop onto the policy coverage section.  

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV):

    A four-wheeler's IDV assists in calculating the cost of coverage once you get your hands on the car insurance policy online. Suppose you claim for your automobile insurance; the insurance provider serves a reimbursement for the IDV. 

  • Insurance Company's Reputation:

    When you purchase a car insurance policy online, it is vital to check the firm's legitimacy and avoid any possible scams. This helps you select a trusted provider and keep your vehicle safe.
    There are increased chances of experiencing fraud due to the online transactions that take place, and thus you must double-check your choices. You can ensure your automobile's security by exploring the testimonials, customer reviews, and online ratings of the insurance provider.

  • Leverage the Power of Adds-Ons:

    Whether you buy car insurance or renew car insurance policy online, add-ons serve as a complete bonus for your automobile. This extensively benefits the customer by enhancing the policy cover and providing increased security for your four-wheeler.

  • Cashless Networking:

    ​Insurance providers' extensive network garages are the perfect places to repair common damages to your motor. Herein, the burden of paying for the cost of repairs is directly borne by the insurer while you experience a clean sweep from the entire process. 


​Why Buying a Car Insurance Online Makes Sense?​

Since the purchase is made online directly with the insurer, there won't be any interactions with agents. One must speak with the insurer directly if they need assistance. However, using the internet can save money because there are no middlemen involved. 

It is advantageous to purchase new car insurance online because there is no need to pay agents a commission for recommending a policy to you. As a result, buying car insurance online is more affordable. 

Additionally, since there is no need for paperwork or physical documentation, it is advantageous for everyone. 

Benefits of buying car insurance online 

  • Compare Multiple Policies: In the past, prospective policyholders had to put a lot of effort into purchasing auto insurance. The first step is to get in touch with the insurance provider or an insurance agent over phone calls or in in-person meetings.

  • You get the best offer: Various car insurance renewal policies with comparable features and services are offered for various car insurance quotes in today's competitive market. The price of each insurance policy can be compared when you shop for insurance online, allowing you to choose which one you want to purchase.

  • Minimum to nil paperwork required: You are prompted with a series of basic inquiries about you and your vehicle when you go to purchase an insurance online policy. You can choose the level of protection for your car based on the answers to these questions.

  • Convenient: You can purchase a product like auto insurance whenever you want and from wherever you are, thanks to the internet. You can purchase a car insurance policy at midnight from the convenience of your home and still have a smooth transaction. Convenience is offered by online auto insurance purchases.

  • Instant policies: The traditional approach to purchasing auto insurance takes time. You must begin your search for the ideal policy well in advance, say a few months before the actual expiration date. 

Why should you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy?​

Similar to any other insurance, a comprehensive car insurance policy upholds the sole responsibility of covering car damage due to accidents, theft, or losses to a third party. A comprehensive car insurance policy is entirely inclusive of damages caused due to natural calamities. 

With our top-notch comprehensive car insurance policy, you can seamlessly drive through and ​keep your vehicle in good condition. Let's dive in and explore some of the top benefits of a comprehensive car insurance policy. 

Benefits of comprehensive car insurance

The main advantage of getting comprehensive auto insurance is that it guards your vehicle against any u​nforseen losses and damages caused by collisions, fires, accidents, etc. By doing this, you not only avoid unforeseen costs but also guarantee that your car will continue to run well even in the event of an accident. 

In India, it's critical to select the proper type of vehicle insurance. After all, it is required by law to have at least a minimal level of third-party liability insurance. If you don't have one, you risk getting fined for moving violations and even having your license suspended! 

Understanding the distinction between comprehensive car insurance and third-party vehicle insurance will help you determine what will best protect you from costly fines as well as damages and losses that may result from accidents, collisions, floods, theft, etc.

​ ​ ​

Car Insurance Terms You Need To Know About​

Automobile insurance is a vast field to dig in. One needs to have proper knowledge about insurance terminologies and jargon used by experts. Here is a top-notch list of the most common car insurance terms you need to know about: 

  • Legal Liability: This is a dedicated policy for third parties who are impacted due to a car accident in which you were involved. Abiding by this, you are legally liable to pay for the damages caused to the third party.

  • Deductibles: Deductibles refer to an amount that the policyholder must pay so as to initiate the claiming process. The 2 major types of deductibles include compulsory and voluntary. The former is mandatory, while the latter is optional to pay for.

  • Third party car insurance: This is a mandatory policy for all car owners by law. It assists every third-party by compensating for any accidental damage, death, or injury. Since it majorly supports third-party and doesn't serve as a cover for possible damages of policyholders, it's also known as an “act-only" policy.

  • Depreciation: Similar to goods, a car's value starts declining from the very first day it gets sold out from the showroom. It's all due to the extensive wear and tears that the automobile has to go through. Depreciation gets deeply calculated on the basis of its age, miles traveled, and considering the overall condition of the car.

  • Claim: Claim refers to a formal request made by the policyholder directly to the insurer to compensate for all your automobile's damages. Only through this claim can a policyholder secure their four-wheeler.

  • Comprehensive Insurance: Being a highly inclusive cover, comprehensive insurance protects the policyholder from own damages along with serving as a protection layer for third-party damages as well. Either man-made or natural disasters, comprehensive vehicle insurance is beneficial for both types of damages.

  • Network Garages: Whenever an insured car requires repair, the policyholder is free to raise a claim. Most insurance companies serve a cashless claim process for car owners to easily sail through the formalities. Here, insurance providers can directly deal with the garage owners.

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV): Being yet another common term used in the automobile insurance field, IDV refers to the maximum amount of insurance claim that the policyholder receives in case of any possible damage to the four-wheeler. The insured declared value of any motor is highly influenced by its ex-showroom price and the depreciation of the car. 

Easy & Faster Car Insurance Claim Process​

With Reliance Car Insurance, you can make a claim in three quick steps:​


Register Claim

You can register your claim by making a video inspection using the Selfi App or you can call ​(022) 4890 3009 (Paid Number)


Submit Documents

You will have to submit details and documents such as the registration number, policy number, car and model type etc.​


Claim Approval

After submitting the documents, you will have to wait for the claim to be evaluated and approved. You can check the progress of the process in the Selfi App.​



After the claim is approved, it will be settled, that is, you will be covered for the loss or the damage that happened.​

Factors Impacting Insured Declared Value (IDV)​

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is a direct metric that provides you with an estimated market value of your vehicle and indicates the maximum reimbursement amount you can get from the vehicle insurance company in case of a complete car loss. 

There are multiple factors that have a significant impact on your IDV. Some of the most crucial ones that tend to influence your entire market value include: 

  • Age of th​e Car: Your car's age can either increase or decrease the estimated IDV. More often than not, your Insured Declared Value takes a dip as your car gets older. This is majorly because of the depreciation of the car parts over the years. This directly lowers the total sum insured for your vehicle insurance.

  • Car Model: Comparatively, costlier and more advanced cars often have a higher IDV over the traditional models. This arises from the fact that the latest models mostly have better market value, being in trends.

    The overall make of the car also affects the IDV, increasing it multifold for luxury vehicles.

  • Place of Registration: The market value of any motor is largely dependent on the place where it is registered. Coming under its jurisdiction, its cost is estimated as per the standards prevalent in that area.​

    The Insured Declared Value of your car is also impacted by the state, city, or town where the vehicle is registered. If you opt for an insurance policy in a metropolitan city, the IDV is likely to be higher as compared to the one offered in smaller regions of India.​

​How to calculate car insurance premium?

With the constant developments, there has also been introduced a dedicated formula to calculate the car insurance premium. This yields a quote for the car insurance amount along with the premium amount required to pay for the car insurance. 

One can also hop on the modern car insurance calculator to ease tasks. Keep reading to explore some of the essential components of your car insurance premium and save more! 

How is your car insurance premium calculated?

There lie multiple things in the fine print of our sought-after insurance policies. These primarily include terms and conditions, exclusions, special cases, and much more. However, the premium is always on the upfront. At most times, we tend to hear just a number but never dig deep to get a thorough understanding of how that number really landed or what kind of calculation process is required. 

  • Car insurance is majorly dependent on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle type, age of the vehicle, and the Cubic Capacity of the engine Geographical zone.

  • Calculate the percentage of IDV, which is decided by the Indian Motor Tariff, and receive a premium for OD cover.

  • The main formula to calculate OD car insurance premium amount is:
    Own Damage premium = IDV X [Premium Rate (decided by insurer)] + [Add-Ons] – [Acquired discounts & benefits (Eg, NCB, etc.)]​

How to Save on Car Insurance Premium?​

Check Car Premium Quotes

​Check the coverage and the associated premium of different car insurances online. You can check the benefits, service clauses, coverage, and add-ons by comparing the plans of varying insurers. Choose a plan whose premium and coverage are in line with your budget and requirements.

Check Available Discounts and Offers

The car insurance market is quite competitive. Quite often insurers give out several offers, discounts, and packages that can in aggregate reduce the premium amount significantly. Look out for such discounts.

Raise Your Deductible

There is a part of the claim that one has to pay compulsorily. However, you can choose to increase the amount of your voluntary deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower would be your premium amount.

No Claim Bonus

The reward that you get for every claim-free year is called No Claim Bonus. It is given out as a discount on the premium amount when you renew your car insurance. Be a disciplined driver and maintain your car well, so that you can go claim-free year after year.​

Buy or Renew Secondhand Car Insurance Online

Getting insurance for your secondhand car involves some additional aspects of consideration. You must check with the car owner for his valid insurance policy and duly get it transferred in your name. 

In case the car owner does not have four-wheeler insurance or the plan has expired, we can easily help you buy or renew secondhand car insurance. Some of the most important considerations for your secondhand car insurance include: 

  • The motor insurance must be transferred in your name within 14 days of purchase. You should also ensure the transfer of car ownership during this time.

  • Enquire about the claim history of the car that you intend to purchase. You can also get this vetted by the insurance company by providing them with your policy number.

  • Consider transferring your previous No Claim Bonus to the new insurance policy, if applicable.

  • Once the ownership rights are transferred to your name, make sure to cross-check the expiration date of your policy. This will guide you to renew the plan well in time, without hassles.​

​Apart from all the above-mentioned considerations, why is secondhand car insurance needed? Let's explore:​

Stay Protected from Natural Calamities

A secondhand car has already been through a lot. After all, if it gets damaged due to some natural calamities including flood, cyclone, etc., the repairing expense is huge. This is why it's better to have insurance for a used car to avoid experiencing heavy strains on your finances.

Third-Party Risk

You may think roads are the safest, but you are wrong! You can end up colliding with another person on the road anytime and even get harassed to pay for the compensation. Why go the hard way when you can easily avoid it? Buy secondhand car insurance and secure the future of your secondhand automobile.

Security Against Theft

Car theft is a very common thing in today's modern times. Purchasing car insurance is the perfect solution to protect your motor from this kind of activity. If such a crime happens and you have secondhand car insurance, then the insurer will compensate for all the theft charges as per the IDV fixed at the time of policy purchase.

Other Useful benefits

With secondhand car insurance, there comes a plethora of add-ons to enhance your motor journey and safeguard its lifespan. One of these add-ons includes a No Claim Bonus (NCB). It is a special insurer reward to the policyholder for not making any claim during the dedicated policy year. This serves extra benefits to the car owner.  

Benefits of Renewing Your Car Insurance Online​

When you renew car insurance policy online, you gain a plethora of benefits. Be it a minor dent or major car breakdown - car insurance is there to help you easily sail through easily. Some of the top benefits include: 

  • Comprehensive Coverage: When you have the option of securing your automobile's future, why go the hard way? Whether it's a landslide, earthquake, flood, or even cyclone - renewal of your car insurance's comprehensive cover becomes your ultimate backbone. Here all types of man-made tragedies, including riots, road accidents, and theft, can also be covered.

  • Add-Ons: There's never a guarantee that the car owner is always happy with the policy coverages. However, there's a solution for everything. At the time of your policy renewal, you can hop on a wide range of add-ons to enhance your car renewal. The availability of add-ons is solely based on the insurer you choose.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB): If you renew car insurance without filing a claim, you get eligible for NCB. This is an exclusive insurance premium discount that can be simply availed at the time of policy renewal. NCB offers a discount starting from 20% upto 50% for the fifth consecutive no-claim year.

  • Increased Security: When you renew car insurance policy online, you experience an increased sense of security and confidence in your automobile. However, if you don't, you are always at the risk of paying multiple penalties over any possible car damage. Hence, it is always a wise decision to renew car insurance this way and experience a hassle-free ride. 

Every human being is highly concerned about their automobile. It's their sole responsibility to keep it in good condition and protect them from accidents, breakdowns, and minor damages. 

Similarly, it's our responsibility to serve you top-notch car insurance policies and secure the future of your four-wheeler seamlessly. Get in touch with our teams and renew car insurance policy today!

How to renew your expired Reliance Car insurance policy​

You can renew your car insurance policy either through the Selfi App, by visiting the Reliance General Insurance website, or by calling us at +91 22 4890 3009. Here are some quick steps to renew your car insurance online:​

  • On the RGI webpage, choose car insurance.

  • Enter the details of your car and check insurance policy renewal quotes.

  • Fill in and submit details such as name, email, car’s registration number, insurance policy number, policy expiry, previous claim details etc.

  • Select a car insurance renewal plan from the available options and the required add-ons.

  • If you have gone claim-free in the previous year, enter your No Claim Bonus.

  • After filling in the required details, make the premium payment, and your car insurance policy will be renewed.​​​​

What is NCB in car insurance?​

It is often a popular misconception that insurance is only relevant to people with poor driving skills or a not-so-good track record. Ever wondered what exactly you get against insurance if you have been a good driver throughout? 

Well, this is where NCB comes into play. 

Short for a No Claim Bonus, NCB can be considered as a reward you grab at the time of car insurance renewal when you have made no claims for multiple consecutive years. This is often reflected as a discount on your car insurance premium and can go upto 50% of the total amount. 

It is interesting to confirm that this exclusive bonus is not granted to a particular vehicle but to the respective car owner. Thus, all these bonuses can be transferred easily if you decide to get a new car. 

If you happen to make a claim within your policy period, the No Claim Bonus dips down to zero. One effective way to prevent your NCB from lapsing is by not making claims for mere scratches or dents. 

Nevertheless, we at Reliance strive to safeguard your interests here as well. With our dedicated NCB Retention Cover add-on, you can still avail your bonus after making a claim and pay low-cost, discounted premiums, as outlined by the terms.

​G​ot some questions? You can call us on +91 22 48903009​ regarding any queries while buying car insurance online.​

​​T&C apply. *Discount is applicable on OD premium. ​All the Toll Charges will be borne by Customer. Towing Services are free of charges for Garages present with in 25 kms from breakdown location. Towing to Garages beyond a radius of 25 km from breakdown location will be chargeable. The premium quoted is subject to change in case any alteration is made while generating the final quotation for premium​. OD Policy will be issued / renewed only if TP policy is​ in force. ​For more details on risk factors,​ ​terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the po​licy wording carefully before concluding a sale. ​Details mentioned here are for the product- Reliance Private Car Package Policy.UIN: IRDAN103RP0010V02100001,​ Reliance Private Car Policy- Standalone Own Damage​ (UIN- IRDAN103RP0001V01201920​), "A​" Policy for Act Liability Insurance. UIN- IRDAN103RP0003V01200102​.​

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    Prabodh Chugh14 September 2022, Karnataka
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    I called your contact center for motor claim intimation. They provided me excellent service regarding my query. Also, survey has been done on time for my claim. I am really satisfied with the services of Reliance General Insurance.

    Ogifa Khatun16 August 2022, Assam
  • “Services are excellent”

    I am policy holder of Reliance General Insurance. Whenever I need Motor, Health or any other insurance, first I choose Reliance general Insurance. Also, I always refer my colleagues with the same. Reason behind this is the services are excellent. Till now I haven't not faced any kind of problem in terms of services with your company.

    RAHUL BAGDE2 July 2022, Delhi
  • “Happy with the services of Reliance General Insurance”

    I have a motor policy with Reliance General Insurance from last 3 years and I did not face any kind problem in services. Recently, I renewed my policy. Also, received policy copy on my email id immediately. I am very Happy with the services of Reliance General Insurance.

    ABBAS VALLIAMBALIYASANA30 June 2022, Gujarat
  • “Motor Claim Intimation”

    Overall services are excellent in Reliance General Insurance. I have registered my motor claim through speechbot. Process was good and smooth. I was able to register easily through speechbot without any problems.

    Manish Virmani12 March 2022, Delhi
  • “Motor Claim Intimation”

    Brobot is very good in terms of handling customers. I bought family health insurance from Reliance General Insurance and their team maintained professionalism with courteous demeanor which was absolutely impressive. I would definitely like to get in touch with Reliance for more plans. I'm very much happy with brobot service where I have a raised a claim for my car. I'm happy with how the claim approval was done. Even price is very less as compared to other insurance company.

    Mr. Kranthi Kumar6 November 2021, Bangalore
  • “Print Policy”

    Reliance General Insurance is one of the trusted company. I have been using my car insurance for a long time and till now I have not faced any problem. Website is maintained in such a way, where I can easily get any information at any point of time. I was looking for policy copy and have downloaded policy copy through portal very easily. Also, I don't need to remember renewal date as they remind me every time through reminder calls and messages.

    Mr.Yazershereef4 November 2021, Bangalore
  • “Health Claim Status”

    The experience with Reliance General Insurance is very good. I have reliance covid-19 protection insurance where they have settled my claim smoothly. They have easily handled my query related to claim. I habe even communicated through email and have recieved a quick response. I made the claim and it was promptly taken care of. Thanks to Reliance for settling my claim in appropriate period of time. I'm very happy with Reliance general insurance.

    Dr Smita Abhijit Gaikwad16 October 2021, Ahmednagar
  • “Good Service and the Process was Pretty Smooth”

    Reliance has given me good service and the process was pretty smooth and easy. Brobot provided a very prompt response to my query and assisted me with the required details. Thank you so much, for providing such time savings service which is most important in todays situation.....Good Job. It was very good Connecting With Brobot.

    ARPIT  DUBEY10 October 2021, Varanasi
  • “Print Policy”

    I was looking for policy copy and then I visited your website to get my policy copy. I have got all the facilities and It has become so easy for us to download policy copy through website. I am really satisfied with overall service. Reliance General Insurance has one of the best website to get the information so fast and smooth. Don't have to wait for the call to get connected in customer care . Thank you Reliance for making the website user friendly .

    Mr. Virendra Yadav8 October 2021, Andheri
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