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Car Insurance

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​​Why buying Car Insurance is important

​The most important reason is that having a car insurance is mandatory by law. It covers losses caused due to road accident, parking mishaps, or any other that may cause damage to your car. Along this, it protects the liabilities caused to the Third-party or their property. Reliance Car Insurance will protect you under such circumstances, so you enjoy your long drives stress-free with the benefits offered under the policy, which vary depending on whether you opt for Third Party, Own damage, or Comprehensive plan.

Choose your plan carefully so it fully protects your car when needed!​

​Why choose Reliance Car Insurance​

Attractive Discount

​​Get up to 70% discount* on this policy

Cashless Garages

5000+ cashless garges all over India

Faster Claim Service

We have settled 98% claims in FY19-20

Multiple Add-ons

7 + add-ons available to enhance your basic coverage


Easy & hassle-free video claims via Selfi App

OD + TP Coverage

Choose Comprehensive policy & get both own-damage and third-party

Quick Locator

Find cashless garage near you via Selfi App

Voluntary Deductible

Cost effective option to lowest your car premium

Digitally Inclined

Buy, inspect or renew online anywhere-anytime​

​Still ​not sure if you need Car Insurance? Numbers don't lie!​

The poor road conditions and a blatant disregard for traffic regulati​ons make Indian roads one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The conditions are only expected to rise in the future. We don't mean to scare you by these statistics, but it only reflects the kind of danger that the roads entail. Hence, It's better to be safe than sorry!



Amazing discounts on Reliance Car Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus

​No Claim Bonus is reward offered to car owners for not claiming in the previous year, this discount can be collected over time since it increases with each claim-free year, starting from 0% and up to a maximum of 50% after five claim-free years.

  • ​​​Voluntary Deductibl​e

​​​This is a cost-effective option that allows you to lower your premium by agreeing to pay a minimal cost while claiming. Opting for this help in lowering premium, therefore, the higher the deductible amount, the lower will be your car insurance premium.

  • AAI Benefit

AAI stand for automobile association of India through which you can avail discounts & benefits if you are at member of the AAI club.

  • Anti-theft

​Anti-theft devices are tools installed to protect the vehicle from theft. If your car has anti-theft equipment, you can get a discount as it enhances the security of the vehicle and will lower the insurance premium as well.

Different types of plans for you to choose from

Comprehensive Car Insurance​

Taking a comprehensive plan is always advisable since it provides maximum coverage by covering both (Third Party + Own Damage). Comprehensive policy covers damage to the car due to accidents, losses incurred by the third party, damage due to natural calamities, theft, etc. Comprehensive policy is preferred by most of our customers. To know more, read the policy wordings.

Benefits of this policy

Own damage
Third-party liability
Choice of add-ons
Customize your car IDV
Natural calamities
Personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lacs


Own Damage Car Insurance

 Damage and losses caused to your car is covered under Own damage policy. While this policy provides similar benefits as a comprehensive plan, it still it does not cover third-party damage, so you have to get a separate policy to cover up against third party losses. To know more, read the policy wordings.

Benefits of this policy

Own damage
Choice of add-ons
Customize your car IDV
Natural calamities
Personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lacs


Third Party Car Insurance

 The most important reason to get third-party policy is that it is compulsory by law and you might end up paying hefty fines if you don't have it. As the name says, it covers all third-party damage. There is always a chance of getting in an accident with a third party in certain circumstances, with this policy, you can prevent such scenarios since it covers all liabilities incurred to the third party. To know more, read the policy wordings.

Benefits of this policy

Death/bodily injury to a third party
Personal accident cover
Damage to third party vehicle
Damage to third party property
5000+ Cashless network garages



Enhance your coverage with add-ons

Total Cover

Under this add-on the registration year of the car is inversely proportional to the monitory return. For instance, if your car is registered for 15 years and your car suffers total loss in 2 years from the beginning of the registration period, there will be an easy refund on the amount (IDV, registration cost) of the remaining 13 years and also the insurance premium in the similar format.

EMI Protection Cover

If your vehicle is undergoing repairs in one of our network garages for over 21 days, we cover the EMI charges that you are ought to pay. This will only be possible if the EMI payment is due in the time frame beyond 21 days. Example - 21 days - 1 EMI, 42 days - 2 EMI's. This add-on is only applicable for up to 3 EMIs

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0014V01201920

Nil Depreciation Cover

The value of your car reduces as it ages, which may have an impact on your claims. If your car is involved in an accident and you file a claim for it, you may not be able to recover the full cost of the replacement parts because the value of the parts being replaced has depreciated over time. However, Nil Depreciation add-on prevents the value from depreciating, so you can recover maximum amount possible from the claim.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0013V01201920

Engine Protection Cover ​​

The engine is one of the most expensive part of your car, and engine maintenance may be pricey. Choosing this add-on will help you in recovering the cost of repairing your engine's wear and tear, so you can keep the ​engine safe.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0011V01201920

NCB Retention Cover

 After accumulating your No Claim Bonus (NCB) percentage over the years, if you make a claim, the percentage drops to nil and you have to start over. When you opt for this add on and make your 1st claim, your NCB percentage will remain unaffected.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0008V01201920

Daily Allowance Benefit​

​If your car breaks down and needs repair, you can rely on us and our cashless garages. With this add-on, you can earn up to Rs.5000 in your daily allowance every day for your travel. This add-on is only applicable for 2 more claims & if the car takes more than 3 days to repair.

UIN: IRDAN103RP0001V01201920/A0010V01201920

Return to Invoice

It covers the financial shortfall between the amount You receive under Section 1 (Own Damage) of the policy and the purchase price of the vehicle in case the vehicle suffers total Loss/ CTL following an accident or is stolen during the period of insurance. It also covers the first time registration charges, road tax & insurance cost ​.

Compare your plan

90% Customers Choose This Plan Comprehensive



Own Damage

Third Party

Damage to your own vehicle
Damage to third-party vehicle / property
Customize car IDVCar Insurance
Damage due to fire
Damage due to natural calamities
Losses due to theft
Optional Add-ons

Personal accident cover
No claim bonus retention cover
Daily allowance benefit
EMI protection
Nil depreciation
Total cover
Engine protection
Return to invoice cover



​​​Car insurance exclusions​

Depreciation/Consequential loss

No ​insurance policy covers the loss incurred due to depreciation of the car value, unless you opt for the Nil depreciation Add-on, to cover the cost of the depreciating value or the car and its parts.

Drunk driving

 If the person driving is under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances, the insurance won't cover any loss occurring during that period.

Damage due to negligent behavior

 The damage occurred due to rash driving, speeding or not following the road rules will not be covered under the insurance.

Breach of policy wordings

Policy doesn't cover any damage that occurs due to the violation of the policy's terms and conditions. to know the policy wordings.

Lack of requisite add-on covers

 A standard car insurance policy doesn't cover every type of damage caused to the vehicle. The coverage depends on whether you have the necessary add-on

Damage due to war/nuclear risks

​The policy doesn't cover any damage that occurs due to war or any nuclear emergency.

 Easy & faster claim process

Register Claim
You can register your claim with the help of the Selfi App through the video claim facility or call on
(022) 4890 3009 (Paid Number)
Claim Approval
After uploading the required documents, wait for your claim to be approved. You can track the progress on the Selfi App
​Vehicle delivery
The claim will be settled after the approval and the vehicle will be delivered.

How to save on car insurance premium?

How to save IDV

​Insured declared value (IDV) of your car is a sum assured amount when you raise a claim during the policy period. Decreasing the IDV value will result in lower premium. Hence its important to know your IDV

 Become AAI Member

 AAI stand for automobile association of India through which you can avail discounts or benefits if you are at member of any recognized association.

Increase the Voluntary Deductible

This is a cost-effective option that allows you to lower your premium by agreeing to pay a minimal cost while claiming. Opting this helps in lowering premium, therefore, the higher the deductible amount, the lower will be your car insurance premium…Read more

How to renew expired policy

Three ways to renew your policy
You can renew the policy via 3 platforms, namely, Selfi App, RGI website or by visiting your nearest branch
Fill in your details
Fill or re-check your basic details, like, your contact number, policy number, registration number and so on. We recommend you to keep your documents handy for convenience.
Self Inspection
In case of break-in(renewal due for over 90 days), an extra step of self inspection via the selfi App is added, after which you have to wait for the renewal.​

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Got some questions? You can call us on +91 22 48903009​ regarding any queries while buying car insurance online.​

​ ​T&C apply. *Discount is applicable on OD premium. ​All the Toll Charges will be borne by Customer. Towing Services are free of charges for Garages present with in 25 kms from breakdown location. Towing to Garages beyond a radius of 25 km from breakdown location will be chargeable. The premium quoted is subject to change in case any alteration is made while generating the final quotation for premium​. OD Policy will be issued / renewed only if TP policy is​ in force. ​For more details on risk factors,​ ​terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. ​Details mentioned here are for the product- Reliance Private Car Package Policy.UIN: IRDAN103RP0010V02100001,​ Reliance Private Car Policy- Standalone Own Damage​ (UIN- IRDAN103RP0001V01201920​), "A​" Policy for Act Liability Insurance. UIN- IRDAN103RP0003V01200102​.

Car Insurance FAQ

Car Insurance Reviews and Ratings

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4.2(Based on 442 ratings)

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  • “Motor Claim Intimation”

    Overall services are excellent in Reliance General Insurance. I have registered my motor claim through speechbot. Process was good and smooth. I was able to register easily through speechbot without any problems.

    Manish Virmani12 March 2022, Delhi
  • “Motor Claim Intimation”

    Brobot is very good in terms of handling customers. I bought family health insurance from Reliance General Insurance and their team maintained professionalism with courteous demeanor which was absolutely impressive. I would definitely like to get in touch with Reliance for more plans. I'm very much happy with brobot service where I have a raised a claim for my car. I'm happy with how the claim approval was done. Even price is very less as compared to other insurance company.

    Mr. Kranthi Kumar6 November 2021, Bangalore
  • “Print Policy”

    Reliance General Insurance is one of the trusted company. I have been using my car insurance for a long time and till now I have not faced any problem. Website is maintained in such a way, where I can easily get any information at any point of time. I was looking for policy copy and have downloaded policy copy through portal very easily. Also, I don't need to remember renewal date as they remind me every time through reminder calls and messages.

    Mr.Yazershereef4 November 2021, Bangalore
  • “Health Claim Status”

    The experience with Reliance General Insurance is very good. I have reliance covid-19 protection insurance where they have settled my claim smoothly. They have easily handled my query related to claim. I habe even communicated through email and have recieved a quick response. I made the claim and it was promptly taken care of. Thanks to Reliance for settling my claim in appropriate period of time. I'm very happy with Reliance general insurance.

    Dr Smita Abhijit Gaikwad16 October 2021, Ahmednagar
  • “Good Service and the Process was Pretty Smooth”

    Reliance has given me good service and the process was pretty smooth and easy. Brobot provided a very prompt response to my query and assisted me with the required details. Thank you so much, for providing such time savings service which is most important in todays situation.....Good Job. It was very good Connecting With Brobot.

    ARPIT  DUBEY10 October 2021, Varanasi
  • “Print Policy”

    I was looking for policy copy and then I visited your website to get my policy copy. I have got all the facilities and It has become so easy for us to download policy copy through website. I am really satisfied with overall service. Reliance General Insurance has one of the best website to get the information so fast and smooth. Don't have to wait for the call to get connected in customer care . Thank you Reliance for making the website user friendly .

    Mr. Virendra Yadav8 October 2021, Andheri
  • “Motor Claim”

    It was a brilliant experience with Reliance General Insurance since I have car insurance it was too easy to intimate and track the claim from the mobile app, surveyor also assisted me properly to whom I have submitted my claim documents. He provided clear information in regards to claim also provided all the relevant information on call and guided me with proper procedure of the claim. I am happy with the service provided by the RGI.

    Suresh Patil6 October 2021, Belgaum
  • “Policy Soft Copy”

    It seems that I have got the best motor insurance plan from the website of the Reliance. The plan is attractive in nature and is valuable for me. I got this plan for my commercial vehicle. Brobot has provide me a good response but I didn't got my soft copy. So, I used to brobot and then immediately delivered the soft copy at my mail within few seconds.. Saving paper is urging a go green initate.

    Mr. Viralkumar Navik28 September 2021, Gujarat
  • “Claim Intimation”

    Reliance general insurance has provided me an excellent service. Website is designed in such a way that straight ahead details get loaded immediately. I was able to register my claim easily. Tracking information through website is much more comfortable even I could easily trace my claim status whenever required.Thank you reliance for my claim settlement in appropriate time.

    Mr. Palanivel K28 September 2021, Tamil Nadu
  • “Claim Settled”

    I had an accident last week and my car got damaged due to accident. i had no idea of the claiming process so i contacted the customer care of Reliance General Insuarnce and the executive explained the whole procedure details to me. Had a good experience with reliance through selfi mobile app which is convenient to trace the details regarding my claim at any point of time. This app from Reliance is brilliant and smooth. Thank you Reliance general insurance, I got the fastest claim settlement. Claim is accepted and processed instantly.

    Mr. Yogendra Todkari28 September 2021, Mumbai
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