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Stay Safe And Secure With Health Insurance During Monsoon Season!​

​The most awaited monsoon season is here! A feast for senses, the rainy season not only makes us happy but also makes the surrounding cheerful and vibrant. The musical pitter-patter of raindrops hitting the ground, the delicious aroma of your favorite cup of beverag​e and the sight of lush green trees waving and rejoicing in the rain makes monsoon all the more exciting. But, among these happy moments and beautiful views, what remains unseen are the many virus, fungi, and bacteria, out on the prowl to attack their next victim.

Stagnant water, humidity, and temperature fluctuations contribute to creating a place for disease-causing organisms. Serious ailments like malaria, dengue, cholera, and leptospirosis are some of the most common health issues caused in this season. No matter how much you try to escape these ailments, it is quite possible that you will fall prey any of these conditions at least once in the entire season.

Here are a few common risks that are associated with the rainy season-

Waterborne diseases

The impact of monsoon is compelling from the end of June to the starting of September. Monsoon brings a higher rate of accidents, hospitalizations, water logging cases, and whatnot. The clogged drainage system and stagnant water are the primary cause in the growth of infections and other diseases. In particular, mosquitoes tend to thrive on accumulated water, leading to the breakout of life-threatening illnesses likes dengue and malaria.

Road accidents and injuries

During monsoon, roads get wet, and potholes get filled with rainwater, which can cause bikes and other small vehicles severely damaged due to accidents. Road accidents become a common sight during this season as tyres slip on wet roads and skid through the streets when you apply brakes. This can lead to accidents as well as personal injuries. Your car insurance will take care of your car, but you will need a health insurance policy in case of other medical and treatment needs on the financial front.


Apart from the risks mentioned above, there is a high risk of electrocution during monsoon season. Open wires coming out of junction boxes are a significant cause of electrocution and other similar fatalities. Majorly, if you wade through waterlogged roads with open wire – you are at high risk.

 If there's a good time for getting a health insurance policy, then it is now! Don't limit an insurance policy to seasons as you never know how they might help you. You may need a health insurance policy anytime and anywhere. And we are sure that you don't want to learn this fact the hard way! When choosing a health insurance policy, you should always consider going through the coverage and exclusions that re provided by your insurance company. Most insurance companies cover expenses for pre and post-hospitalization, selected day-care procedures, etc. You should also check whether your insurer offers cashless claim settlement or not. A cashless claim settlement process makes the reimbursement process effortless for you. Once you are done checking the pros and cons of a policy, select the one that best suits you.