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Travel Medical Insurance to the US - A Necessity with Pre-existing Conditions

​A lot has been said and read about US Travel Insurance when it concerns visitors travelling to America and suffering from pre-existing diseases like renal failure, heart problems, diabetes, cancer and other life threatening diseases. Basically if the travellers are senior citizens, then they are more likely to be suffering from such pre-existing diseases for which none of the insurance companies provide coverage in case of medical emergencies or hospitalisation.

The cost of health care being on the higher care, it is always advisable to be on safer side if people with pre-existing diseases are travelling. So, the most important question that arises in the mind that if the person is suffering from pre-existing diseases then is it a viable option to buy a travel health​ insurance for USA.

It has been widely noticed that people who are sick or have been admitted to hospitals in USA while travelling are mostly not due to pre-existing conditions, but due to the change in weather and food habits. The most common health concern is general sickness due to above mentioned conditions of change in weather, sleep pattern, food habits.

The most common pre-existing ailments usually which the travellers suffer has been observed to be High BP and Diabetes. Though it’s not so much life threatening at times, and the person can be in good and stable condition by having medicines or insulin or regular checkups. So, if you are travelling to USA and suffer from High BP or Diabetes, then it is always necessary not to skip the medicines or insulin doses and always keep on having checkups for the same in USA.

Another major concern of the travellers getting admitted while visiting USA is usually driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injuries to self or someone else. The accidents may take place anytime and anywhere. So, keeping this scenario in mind if you are suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions then also it is advisable to go for a sound medical insurance for travel to USA to avoid later on hassles related to sickness or hospitalisation which may happen due to any reasons, not necessarily due to pre-existing medical conditions.

But it is always necessary to understand all the technical terms and conditions associated with the policy related to pre-existing diseases and all proper check ups and lab tests should be done and such results copy should be duly submitted to the travel insurance provider to avoid later on hassles where claims are concerned.