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The concept of family floater mediclaim policy is picking up the popularity among individuals. In addition, with more than 25 general insurance companies offering health insurance online, today buying a family floater mediclaim policy has become extremely easy. The easy access to internet is not only adding to one’s comfort and convenience of buying health insurance, but is also adding more responsibility on individuals to learn and analyze the health policies before buying the best mediclaim policy for family in India. 

There are dozens of family floater mediclaim policies on the market. After getting into the intricacies of these plans, one can easily get confused. In order to avoid any such confusion, make a note of few points, and ensure to get the answer to the same.

To find the best family floater mediclaim policy in India, try to find out answers of the following points:

What is the basic health coverage?

While comparing the different health insuranc​e policies online, make a list of basic health coverages offered under the policy. In general, most of the family floater mediclaim policy offer basic health coverage in case of accident, ambulance charges, in-patient treatment expenses, daycare treatment expenses. If you are planning for a child, you should also look for coverage like maternity care, insurance for new born baby in your basic health insurance online plan in order to choose the best mediclaim policy in India.

What are your insurance benefits?

It is always wise to compare the insurance benefits offered by similar policies of 2 -3 insurance providers. This gives you a fair idea of differences between premium amount, extra benefits if any and risk of the policies. While comparing the benefits of such family floater mediclaim policies also look for additional coverage benefits if any, like some family floater mediclaim policy also provide coverage for some specified critical illness, surgical treatments, etc.  

What is the maximum age of renewing the policy?

The need of proper medical care increases with age. Therefore, it is important to find out what is the maximum age covered by your policy. While many policies offer policy renewal facility till 60-65 years, nowadays some family floater health insurance policies offer lifelong renewal facility. Ensure to choose the best mediclaim policy for your family. which would protect you even when you need it the most, at your old age. 

Can you upgrade your policy’s sum insured?

The cost of living is never the same, so is the cost of medical treatment. Therefore, it is important to keep a note that your family floater mediclaim policy protects you even in case of rising cost of medical care. Find out if the policy offer facility of upgrading the sum insured in the coming years. 

What is the maximum number of claims mentioned in your policy?

Find out does your policy offers claims based on maximum number of claims made in a year or maximum amount of claims? Try to choose the best mediclaim policy for family in India which states the limit of maximum amount of claim instead of number of claims. However, ensure the maximum claim amount is equivalent to the promised base sum insured of the policy.

What is the claim procedure?

Generally, all health insurance providers follow similar process as stated by insurance regulator IRDA, there might be slight difference in some or the other aspect of each company’s functionality. Accordingly, the services of these companies also vary a big way. Before buying any family floater mediclaim policy in India, make it a point to understand the company’s claim filing and settling process.

Is there cashless hospitalization available under the policy?

Nowadays almost every health insura​nce company offers cashless hospitalization in their network hospitals. However, it is still advisable to double check the same along with the list of good network hospitals available in your area. 

What is not covered in your policy?

Before buying mediclaim​ policies in India, read through the policy document to understand the exclusions of the policy. Like policy coverage, it is also very important to understand what your policy will not cover you for and then go for the best mediclaim policy for your family. Also make sure to understand the clauses mentioned in the policy like waiting period, free-look in period, coverage for pre-existing diseases, terms & conditions, etc. 
Hope after reading this article you find the best mediclaim policy for your family in India.
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