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Car Insurance in Jaipur


Car Insurance in Jaipur

​Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan is also called the 'Pink City'. There is an interesting story behind why Jaipur is known as the Pink city. In the year 1876, when the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, was visiting India, Jaipur was part of his itinerary. The ruler of Jaipur at that time, Sawai Ram Singh I, had the city pained in Pink to welcome the prince to the city. Later, many of the buildings retained their pink color. The city is a major tourist attraction and is home to rich architectural marvels like Hawa mahal, Amer fort, Birla Mandir, Digamber Jain temple and City Palace.

Jaipur also has an excellent road network of urban roads, state highways, national highways and an outer ring road. The outer ring road is a 150 km long, 6-lane ring road and will encircle the city when it is complete. National Highway 8 connects Jaipur to Ajmer, Chittorgarh, and Ajmer. National Highway 11 connects Jaipur to Agra and Bikaner. National Highway 12 connects Jaipur to Jabalpur. Jaipur also boasts of an MRTS system. The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation runs a regular bus service in the city.

When you visit Jaipur, you will surely notice its wide streets. In part, this is because Jaipur is one of the few planned cities in India, established in 1727. This makes driving in Jaipur a delight and many people have a car in the city. If you own a car in Jaipur, the first thing you should check is car insurance.