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Why It Is Important To Have An OPD Cover With Health Insurance?

In this pandemic, there is increased awareness of the importance of health insurance. Many people are opting for low sum health insurance. Having health insurance frees them from the worry of hospitalisation cost. Though all of the insurers cover the general amount, many of them don't take into account the consultation fee, expenses of the tests, X rays etc. Here is where an OPD cover comes into play. 

Out of Patient Department where treatment and diagnosis are done at the same place during the visit to a clinic or consultation room at any multi-speciality hospital. OPD treatment does not require hospitalisation. 

With increased medical inflation the addition of OPD treatment to health insurance makes complete sense. There are common workout injuries like sprained ankles, shoulder, knee, dislocation of bones etc. which does not require hospitalisation. There is a need for regularly prescribed treatment in this case. On opting for an OPD all the charges from consultation, X-Rays and bandages etc. would be covered. 

What is covered under OPD insurance? 

Consultation fee:

All the fees incurred for consultation by the medical practitioner during the examination to assess one's health is covered. Doctors' consultation is quite common. Currently, we see an increase in this as well. People are consulting doctors for normal fever and flu as well to be sure about the symptoms. 

Diagnostic charges:

It covers the medical procedure such as blood tests, X Rays, scans etc. Most of them are done at a diagnostic centre to confirm the treatment for illness. Test and scan are relevant for treatment and cost differently depending on the type of the procedure. Expenses like drugs and medicines also fall under the OPD cover. 

Minor Surgical Procedures:

Minor surgeries like PO, dressing for accidents and animal bites do not require hospitalisation and are covered under the policy. 


Fracture does not require hospitalisation in most cases. However, they do need expert assistance in most of the cases. A leg fracture can cost a person anywhere between Rs 5000 to 50,000, depending on the severity of the condition. Having OPD cover is thus an additional benefit for these times. 

Why you should opt for an OPD cover with your health insurance?

The most significant benefit of having an OPD cover is that you will be covered by your health insurance even without hospitalisation. Hence all the lesser costs are covered as well. 

Medical expenses are on the rise. Even a comprehensive cover might not be enough for your needs. Especially in current times when people don't go to hospitals due to risk of COVID-19, an OPD treatment is a life saviour. 

With seasonal diseases, people need consultation frequently. With this claim, a person is eligible to make multiple claims throughout the year until the limit is exhausted. 

A few insurance covers are even covering COVID tests even if the test is taken at home. Buy health insurance online with the add-on to enjoy all the benefits of the given policy.​