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What is Passenger Cover in Car Insurance?

​Nobody can foresee any accidents. They can happen on the road anytime and cause significant injury to the person and sometimes even death. IRDAI has mandated that all the drivers must have a personal accident cover which would have the protection in case of significant injuries and provide the insured sum to the nominee in case of death. While sometimes in an accident the passengers are harmed equally and while the owner of the vehicle or the person driving has the accident cover the passenger does not enjoy the benefit of the same. Insurer thus provides an add on which is the passenger cover.

While riding any vehicles it is mandatory to have a bike insurance or a car insurance but you can get an addition passenger cover for the people who are riding in your vehicle. ​

What is Passenger Cover?

Passenger cover in motor insurance simply means the passengers who are in the vehicle. The personal accident cover is mandatory while the passenger cover is not a mandatory policy. Though not compulsory but getting passenger cover is a better option as you will mostly be travelling with your family friends or friends and who doesn't want to cover their loved ones. With this add-on cover, 3 extra passengers can be covered apart from the driver which make the coverage wide.

How does the add-on work?

The standard policy offers protection to the owner of the insured vehicle in case of an accident. So, if you are the owner you will get the cover in case of any injury and the nominee will get the insured sum in case of any death. The regular car policy is unable to cover the passengers in the vehicle. For the treatment of the passengers, they all will have to pay out of their own pockets.

The owner has the responsibility of the passengers who are driving in their vehicle. Thus, having the benefit of covering the liabilities of these individuals will be a big benefit. Thus, passenger cover surely adds some value to the standard of the current car insurance policy which you have. ​

Benefits of having passenger Cover

The responsible owner of the car is one who has some obligations towards the passengers in the car. Adding the passenger cover to the basic insurance adds a lot of wide coverage into your policy. Let's take a look at few benefits of buying a passenger cover:

  • ​Covers all the medical cost incurred in the treatment of the injuries in case of an accident.
  • Gives financial assistance to the family in case of death of the passenger.
  • The claim helps in reducing any kind of financial liabilities that the person may face due to the accident.​
  • What is not covered in the Passenger Cover?

  • The financial assistance in passenger cover is not necessarily provided by all the insurers
  • Also, in case of the private car, the add on does not cover more than 3 passengers in the car
  • Any physical injury to attempted suicide is not covered in this policy
  • An accident taking place when the person is under the influence of alcohol or any drug will not be liable to get the benefit of this policy.​​