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What is Cashless Claim Service in Car Insurance?

​The utility of car insurance is to give financial security to the person in case there is any misshaping due to an accident. Now the world of insurance is advancing rapidly, with it, there has been a discovery of filing a cashless claim for the car insurance. This eases out the process and makes it smooth for the person to file a claim.

Let's get into the details of a cashless claim car insurance to understand the process. 

What is cashless car insurance?

When your car gets into an accident the process is that the person first files the claim to get the cost of the damage recovered. The claim can be settled in two ways; either through the reimbursement of the losses or through cashless settlement. In the cashless method, the repair is done in a network garage where they are directly paid by the insurer and you don't have to worry about any expense. The method is distinguished as it saves the time and effort to put in money and then arrange and file the documents for the claim. 

Why file cashless car insurance?

Cashless car insurance can not only save money from your pocket for the time being but also make the process easier and quicker. Not everyone at all times has money to repair the car especially when the damage done to the car is significant. In these cases, the best way will be to get cashless car insurance. 

The process of filing a claim​

  1. For successfully filing a cashless claim there are some fundamental procedures which you must do to get the claim:
  2. Inform the insurer about the accident or the mishap quickly. File an FIR for the same in the nearest police station. 
  3. The surveyor sent by the insurance company will tow your car to the nearest network garage where the in-depth inspection. It is important to note that you should not move your car from the spot of the accident without the permission of the insurer. Do take enough photos as proof after the accident. 
  4. The estimated cost of repair issued by the garage will be shared with the insurance company and only after approval will the repair work start. 
  5. After the repairs, all the bills are directly sent by the garage to the insurance company for settling the claims.
Once all the evaluation and verification work is done the amount excluding the depreciation cost is paid to the network garage and you will have to pay for the deductibles. 
Well nowadays the cashless claim process is the go-to way when filing a claim, the process is more comfortable and if you are looking forward to filing a claim keep the documents ready and go through the basic rules to file the claim. If you do not have insurance get a comprehensive car insurance online and avail benefits now!