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Changing Your Car Insurance Company

​​​​​Practically no one would like to continue with a car insur​ance provider who charges huge amount of premium towards ​​motor insurance and yet does not provide the required service when required. For such car insurance companies, selling motor insurance policy is pure business, wherein you might continue to feel cheated in the hour of need.  

Today, in India with nearly 27 companies offering motor insurance policy, customer has the option of changing his car insurance provider. There are not one but many reasons that may lead ​​a car owner to transfer his car insurance policy with another insurer.

Take a look at some of the primary reasons that may prompt a car owner to change his car insurance provider:

Expensive premium: 

There might be chances that your car insurance company is charging high premium from you. Car insurance premiums charged by different motor insurance companies are generally different. However, there should not be a makeable difference between the standard market rates. If you find your car insurance premium to be too high in comparison to the market, then your car insurance company might be charging you a lot, which is an indication that you should look for a different insurance provider for your car insurance.

Quality service: 

One of the key reasons that generally lead car owners to change their car insurance provider is the quality of service. Often we hear that even after fulfilling all the formalities, some car insurance companies take too long to clear the claim process. Such slow processing in many cases reflects on the company’s interest and willingness to meet customer requirement. Lack of such an interest is not a good sign from customer’s perspective.

Customer service: 

One of the best ways to maintain a good customer base is by offering good customer service. Companies generally invest a lot in providing good customer service, however, if you’re a car insurance provider does not handle its customers’ queries properly to meet their requirements, there might be chances that the company might not be good even in other service areas. Thus, why take a chance, look for another insurance provider. 

However, before you change your car insurance provider, take a note of following points

  • Compare cost of car insurance premiums offered by different motor insurance companies
  • Ensure that your car insurance policy with another motor insurance company, starts post the expiry of the existing policy.
  • Also compare the features and benefits offered by different motor insurance providers.
  • Find out about the market reputation of the insurance provider before buying any policy. Reviews posted on different websites often give us an idea about the quality of service offered by the car insurance companies.