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The process to Re-Register Bike or Car in India

​Every vehicle that you own needs to be registered in your name. This process is called registration of the vehicle and it takes place at the time of its purchase. The registration process makes your vehicle legal to be driven on road in India. You can register your vehicle through Vahaan, the official website of the transport department of the GoI. The website was launched as a part of the Digital India initiative.

What is the re-registration of a vehicle?

Essentially, there are two situations, wherein, you need to re-register your vehicle:

1) Mandatory Re-registration of the vehicle after 15 years from the first registration date according to the Central Motor Vehicles Act. After the second renewal, the next Re-registration happens at 5-year intervals, until the Road Transport Department declares the vehicle is fit for Indian roads.

2) If you are moving from one state to another, the re-registration of your vehicle is mandatory. According to the law, if the vehicle is in a different state for 12 months or more, then the vehicle needs to be re-registered.

The procedure involved in the Re-Registration of vehicle

Scenario 1

In case you re-register your bike or re-register your car in India after 15 years, you will have to apply with an application form. The RTO will look at your vehicle and charge essential fees. After the scrutiny, fees, and verifying all the documents that are submitted along with the application form, the RTO department then issues a new RC.

Scenario 2

In the case of transfer to another state:

a. The re-registration requires the NOC from the financer, and it needs to be submitted with all the other necessary mentioned documents.

b. The Road tax needs to be paid to the new state and a refund of the tax for the remaining life of the vehicle needs to be requested at the RTO from the previous state.

Steps for car registration renewal

1. Involves getting a NOC.

    a. Notary attested documents on Rs.10 stamp paper that says all the related documents of the vehicle are original and there are no dues for the vehicle.

    b. NOC from the National Crime Record Bureau that states that the vehicle is not stolen.

    c. NOC from the bank financer in form 35 if the vehicle loan has not been repaid.

    d. Three copies of each of the mentioned documents

  • Form 27
  • Form 28
  • NOC from the traffic department
  • NOC from NCRB
  • NOC from Financer
  • proof of bike insurance/car insurance
  •      e. Documents like PUC, copy of chassis imprint, identity proof.

    2. For transferring your vehicle to any other state

    1. PUC proof, smart card, proof of vehicle insurance should be carried in person at the time of Re-registration.
    2.  The original invoice of the vehicle should also be carried so the road tax is charged according to the current value of the vehicle.

    List of documents needed for the Re-registration of a vehicle

    The list includes the documents required to re-register a car in India​ and re-register a bike:

    1. Application Form Number 27

    2. Registration Certificate

    3. NOC

    4. Proof of Residence

    5. Proof car insurance/bike insurance

    6. PUC

    7. Form 28

    8. Form 20

    9.  Commercial vehicles should include a challan clearance from the traffic department

    10. Fitness Certificate

    11. PAN card

    12. Emission Standards Certificate

    13. Sketch of the Chassis and Engine number

    14. DOB proof

    15. Proof of seller


    Is NOC compulsory?

    Yes, NOC is a compulsory step for the process of re-registration of your vehicle.

    What documents are needed for Proof of Address?

    1. Aadhaar card

    2. Passport

    3. Voters ID

    Is it necessary to have your vehicle insured during re-registration?

    Yes. You are required to submit proof of valid bike insurance or car insurance along with other documents during re-registration.