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Things to Know While Switching your Car Insurance

​​​How do you usually start the process of buying a car? You first determine the type of car you wish to buy and thereby set aside a budget. You start asking your friends or relatives about the best options available within your budget. 

If you are tech savvy, you may begin your research online by reading about the variants that fall in your budget. Later, you narrow down to a couple of options and you start visiting car showrooms and take test drives. After all this, you finally select the right one that suits you and fits you need with respect to all the aspects. Ideally, that is how a person usually buys a car. 

However, when it comes to car insurance, you are least bothered as you have invested a lot of time in choosing the right car. There are a few people who may still look for the right car insurance based on all their needs, while there are some who will settle with what the car showroom executive recommends. How do you realise whether or not you have chosen the right car insurance policy?

Let’s find out! As we all know, car insurance​ is something every car needs and now that it is mandatory in India, one must buy it after thoroughly weighing down all the points. It is highly advisable to keep a check on your coverage every now and then to ensure that you are getting the maximum leverage on your premium. There are times when policies with similar advantages are available at different rates. It is practically impossible to find what the actual difference between the two policies is. 

The variation depends on certain parameters from company to company. If a lot of people from a particular age group or using a particular vehicle file for a claim, chances are that the premium for those people will go up from the subsequent year. If you are one of these, simply look for better insurance deals with other insurance companies. You are likely to get a good deal when you are switching your car insurance to other company. There are policy changes in the insurance sector as well. There are new players entering the market every year. Not all new players will offer genuine policies but you must keep a track of your premium amount and the benefits that you are getting in the policy. 

Changing car insurance policies quite frequently is also not a good idea as you hold a risky image in the eyes of the insurer. Here are some occasions when you must change your car insurance. After comparing all the points, if you are getting a cheaper deal on a similar policy, you must change your car insurance policy. You are getting a higher cover at the same premium amount you are paying now or even less. Your insurer is a new player and you are unsure of its claim settlement policy.