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​​​​With globalis​ation setting in across the countries in the world, travelling has become a part of every one's life. It has become an important culture too to travel to far off lands for leisure or studies.

With the competition in the field of studies going up on a big scale, studying in universities across the world which offer good education has become the talk of the town.  Now studying in those universities has become a norm for the rich and elite and who can afford it. Same is supported by various banks which offer educational loans to students who want to study abroad.

The universities in UK and USA are ranked amongst worlds best for imparting quality education and getting admission to these universities is like dream come true.

Once the admissions in these universities in the western countries are secured, and before the travel plans are initiated, it is a good thing to buy travel in​surance​ for students who want to study​ abroad.

The excitement to study abroad is like a milestone achieved, but it also involves unforeseen risks and concern for the safety of the student. Sometimes it may be necessary that one of the family member or friends also has to travel along or visit sometimes, so it becomes a major concern to buy a good travel insurance policy.

For parents the utmost important thing is the safety and concern of the son or the daughter travelling abroad for future studies and its of prime importance that proper care of their wards are taken in foreign lands in case of emergency or any untoward incidents. So it's very important to buy a sound student travel insurance policy entails full safety of the student while studying abroad and possess no hindrance in education

Student travel insurance is optional in many countries but countries like UK and US where cost of living and cost of medical expenses is very high, it is mandatory to buy an insurance policy for the student.

While buying a student travel insurance policy, it is very important to understand the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy and read every aspect of the policy in detail. The policy being offered in India covers both medical and non medical insurance coverage for the travelling student.

Following are some of the common features which needs to be taken care while buying a good student travel insurance plan

Medical Expenses:

There are times a student may fall sick and sickness sees no geographical locations or time. The student may require emergency hospitalisation also in some cases. The cost of hospitalisation may be high in the studying country. So it is very important to buy a sound insurance plan which takes care of such medical emergencies.

Personal liabilities or commodities insured:

It is very important to get personal commodities like laptop or other things of high value insured before hand. For loss of such things can prove to be major dent in finances. And secondly, it should be ensured that if you are reason for cause of some problems to others either financially or physically, that aspect also should be taken care off by the policy.

Break or interruptions in studies:

Many a times it happens due to various reasons, like personal or professional, the studies has to be curtailed in midway and the student has to return back to India. It is must to see if your insurance policy covers such a situation where the course is interrupted due to some unforeseen factor.