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Make your Wrongs Right with Travel Insurance

When you travel abroad, there are other things that occupy your mind; the shiny new camera, new fancy clothes and the excitement of discovering new adventures. Just hold on to it and ask yourself one question What if the tables turn on your vacation mood & you're in a situation where you lose your baggage, your trip is cancelled, or you are caught amidst a medical emergency? No one likes a vacation that's ruined at the mercy of such unforeseen events. That is exactly why it's crucial that you safeguard yourself from a turn of events. The solution to this third world problem is Travel Insurance.

Things that are covered under Travel Insurance:

•Emergency medical expenses – Getting covered under Emergency Medical Expenses is proportional to protecting yourself and other insurance holders from any medical emergencies in the duration of your trip.

•Loss of passport – This cover ensures that you reach your desired destination safely by arranging reimbursements or arranging the documents that you would need to get a new one.   

• Total loss of checked-in baggage – In case of total loss of your baggage, insurance holders have the liberty to claim their reimbursements.

•Trip delay, cancellation & interruption – Due to bad weather or any other circumstances if your trip is delayed, cancelled or interrupted this cover saves you from the lost time & money.

Travel insurance​ is purchased mostly by people who go for a vacation, students travelling abroad for studies or someone who flies frequently for business trips.

Some risks covered under medical expenses:

•    Medical treatment, including transportation to the hospital

•    Repatriation of remains

•    Visitors health insurance

•    Overseas funeral expenses

•    Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit​

How to purchase travel insurance?

Buying travel insurance is as simple as any other insurance in the current times. The procedure of getting registered for travel insurance is very simple. All you have to do is choose the Travel Insurance Company that you think you would like to trust, go to their website, Fill the extension Form – and get on that vacation wagon.

These are the 5 wrongs you can make right

1)  Get yourself & other travelling with you, covered for any medical emergencies.

2)    Ensure a ticket for yourself. You may find yourself in a situation that demands you miss the flight, or you just miss it because you're late.

3)    It is your right to get yourself a reimbursement if your flight is delayed. Don't run away from it.  

4)    For when a natural calamity hits, ensure your safety along with the safety of the other insurance holders & receive help in terms of flight cancellation. Your travel insurance plan makes your trip secure from natural calamities too.

5)    Losing your baggage seems a little cruel since, half your vacation is what you take with you right? Lucky for the ones with a travel insurance, in cases like these, you are more than eligible to get a reimbursement.

When you plan the trip for studies, vacation or work? The last thing you want is not being able to enjoy the trip completely because of problems like these. They'll not only spoil your trip but might also cost you a lot of money. What's more important is making the right choice when it comes to which travel insurance are you going to buy. Hopefully, it'll now be easy for you, since you know which covers offer what. Make the correct choice to make all your wrongs, right!