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How To File A Travel Insurance Claim


​Travel Insurance is your protection against the risk of any unforeseen and unfortunate event while you are on your vacation or travelling. In case you are unlucky and things don’t go as per your plan, your Travel Insurance policy​ can come to your rescue. Nevertheless, filing a Travel Insurance Claim​ can be a daunting proposition especially when you are already in a stressful situation. You can follow the below mentioned tips to make the process of filing a claim easier:

Keep important documents handy: It is highly recommended to keep your insurance documents with you while travelling. You would need to furnish your policy details to file your claim and you never know when you would need them. 

Intimate your Insurance Company at the earliest: If tragedy strikes you should inform your Travel Insurance Company immediately. There is generally a deadline for 30-40 days. But just to be sure you should register your claim early.  You will have to provide them details about the incident and take authorization for the expenses. You can register your claim online as well.

Inform the Cops and take necessary documents:  If any of your belongings has been stolen or you are a victim of any type of crime, you would need to intimate the Police. They might not be able to crack the case immediately, but you would need to provide the case registration number or the FIR copy to your Insurance Company. Without the FIR copy your insurer might not be able to authenticate your claim.