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Rental Car Insurance Explained

​Owning a car is an expensive affair, especially when you don't use it much. The maintenance cost of the spare part among many other things keeps increasing as the vehicle gets old. If you feel that cars are not much of use for you and are someone worried about the costs involved in owning a car, a rental car might be the perfect option for you. Renting a car is fairly simple these days and an inexpensive process. 

Invest in a suitable motor insurance policy before planning on rental. With rental cars you don't have to worry about the maintenance costs, you can easily fuel up and drive. Now, car rentals are available for a single day to even months. Here we will try to shed some light on how car rental and their insurance works. 

How does rental car insurance work?

Insurance for rental cars works a little differently when compared to personal car insurance. The coverage of insurance varies depending on the rental company and the geographical location. 

The types of car insurance offered for rental cars are mentioned below

1. Collision Damage Wavier

​As the name suggests this type of insurance will protect you against any damages done to the car. CDW only covers bodywork damage and no damage of windshield, tyres, battery, interior, engine, the gearbox is covered. Losses to the car due to reckless driving or under the influence of alcohol are also not covered.  

2. Theft Protection

​If the rental car gets stolen, then the theft protection cover will make sure that you don't have to pay any money to the rental company from your pocket. Theft protection also covers the damage done to the car in an attempt of stealing. 

3. Third-Party Liability

​The third-party cover will cover damages done to the third party from your rented car. However, if you are found breaking rules the coverage will not be applicable then. 

Significance of car insurance rental cover

​Having a car insurance policy is critical whether you are driving your car or a rented car on road. When renting a car, it becomes your responsibility, that's why a car hire insurance cover becomes a critical aspect of renting vehicles. Below are the benefits of rental car insurance coverage.

There can be time when your car insurance policy is expiring soon. So, renew car insurance online in hassle-free way to continue receiving the benefits.

  • ​Super Collision Damage Wavier

    While CDC only covers for the damage to the bodywork, it is Super Collision Damage Wavier which covers a lot of other additional aspects. SCDW gives you peace of mind even if the rented car is damaged badly. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance 

    If you or any other occupants of the rented car gets injured the personal accident insurance will pay for the medical expenses incurred. 
  • Uninsured Motorist protection

     If you are involved in an accident and the driver of another car is not insured, the UMP will cover for the cost of damage and injuries.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance 

    Supplemental Liability Insurance will increase the maximum amount paid by the third party insurance cover. 
  • Roadside assistance cover

    You will be assisted if the rented car breaks down or runs out of fuel. ​