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Baggage Loss Cover with your International Travel Insurance

​​​If ever you plan to take a trip to United States of America or to any of the foreign land of the preference, there are certain precautions which need to be considered before initiating a trip to the foreign land. Though everyone travelling to far off places takes maximum care of things and belongings and personal health, but there are certain limitations also which needs to be considered when the journey is taken to such far off places. 

The most important thing for a traveler is the luggage or baggage items of the traveler which are of prime importance to him. There are many cases which have been noticed that arriving at destinations and discovering that you have lost the luggage along the way is no fun and such situations are always stress prone for the most experienced traveler.

Many a times, the baggage can be lost en route, or there are many times they get stolen from the airport baggage carousel. It can fall off while loading and none of the airlines staff notices it and it becomes too late. When such important things go missing, it is important to know how the actual travel insurance plan loss of baggage cover works.

There are two possibilities in the case of loss of baggage, either the loss is permanent or the baggage gets delayed at arrival. In both the cases, it is very important to know what the policy which you have bought covers and what value you are going to be reimbursed with in case of permanent loss of baggage.

In case of permanent loss of luggage under travel insurance baggage coverage clause, the reimbursement to the insured traveler is up to​ the value of the policy limit for the value of lost luggage and the personal items inside.

Whereas, in case of a temporary loss of luggage, the insured traveler is reimbursed for the purchase of essential personal items of necessity till the baggage arrives.

The airlines follow strict rules for baggage loss and will pay after a long time when they are totally assured that the baggage loss is permanent loss. It may take days, weeks or month also. Overseas travel insurance​ coverage for lost luggage follows you everywhere you go on your trip – they’ll even replace the bag itself.

It is very important therefore to be aware of the clauses of the policy where the loss of baggage clause has been clearly mentioned and what are the conditions under which the travel insurance provider will accept claims.