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Choose The Best Car Insurance Policy In India

​​​​Most of the automobile owners are ignorant about the significance of motor insurance. While few acknowledge a car insurance​ as a legal necessity, others really don't take it seriously. Most of the car owners, while buying a motor insurance​, do not pay heed to the fine points of a policy and blindly sign on the dotted lines of the document.

Car insurance policy​, which is a mandated requirement during purchase of a car, protects you and your car against any damage due to unforeseen incident. It also offers risk coverage towards damages to the third party.

There are two types of motor insurance - comprehensive policy and third party insurance.

The comprehensive insurance offers complete risk coverage for any loss or damage like technical failure, dents, repair, car thefts and accidents. Based on such factors, someone buying a new car is often asked to buy a comprehensive insurance. At the time of buying a new car insurance policy, look for risk coverage against damage to your car or its accessories in the event of natural calamities like fire, self-ignition, explosion, earthquake, flood, hurricane, typhoon, cyclone, frost landslide, rockslide, burglary, theft, malicious acts, riot, strike, accident by external means and others.

Irrespective of the fact that in case of a third party insurance, only a percent of your insured amount will be payable, it is the sole compulsory part of insurance.

In order to obtain a best car insurance policy in India, you need to invest some of your precious time. It is prioritize your needs and requirements, you can decide on which type of car insurance policy suits your need the best.

Most of the car dealers will offer you insurance plans right at the showroom. In such cases you may or may not have the choice of company. If your car dealer offers you more than one option for motor insurance policies, you can choose your insurer on the following points: rates & discounts,  benefits & coverages and exclusions.

The tenure or maturity period of a motor insurance is only one year. Therefore, once you buy your motor insurance, you need to keep track of the date of renewing the same. Any gap in your motor insurance policy, can lead you to paying more premiums. At the time of renewing your car insurance policy, you can change your insurance provider and yet continue with the same policy to get better premium rates. Also, if you haven't claimed anything at the time of renewing you motor insurance policy, you can always ask for no-claim bonus. In addition, also check for cashless benefits and nearest garage covered under your insurer's network list. With the cashless benefit you may not have to experience the tiring process of reimbursement.