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​​Be it any kind of insurance, the cases of deception are often making the rounds all over the world. Not everyone who files a claim is genuinely in a problem. Some file a claim just to get the maximum benefit on the premium that they have paid or to recover losses due to their own mistakes. There are various types of fraudulent activities practised in the insurance sector. Some people deliberately file a claim, while some present fake policies. The car insurance​ online sector in India reimburses claims worth thirty thousand crores every year. Out of which, 90% of the claims are not transparent. The claims are deliberately filed or the car incident is amplified in order to get a bigger claim. The remaining 10% cases are a result of a well planned accident where in a random truck driver or a private car owner is blamed at the time of accident. Some people also file a car theft insurance claim and they hide the vehicle at the same time. 

As you may have heard that there are two sides of a story. There is a flipside to this story as well. There are times when innocent people also fall prey to fake insurance company and fraud insurance agents. Here are a few steps you must follow in order to stay safe while dealing with an insurance company 

Avoid contacting an outside agent
Most of the times, it is the external agent who is likely to cheat you as he/she is not bearing any authoritative position in the company. You can buy your car insurance policy directly from the company or from the official website online. If you buy an insurance policy from any external agent, the insurance company will not be responsible for any kind of losses.

Authorized personnel
If you receive a call from an agent who is trying to sell some car insurance policy to you, make sure that the person belongs to the actual car insurance online company and is not a freelancer who can sell a policy of any company for a quick buck. The chances of cheating in such cases are more likely.  

When you have bought a policy from an external agent
You must confirm the offerings mentioned by the insurance agent by calling your insurance company on the helpline number from the official website or you can visit its nearest branch to confirm the details. If there is a discrepancy in the details, you can catch hold of the insurance agent. 

Get proof
No matter how close you are to the agent, ensure that you are given proper receipts while the payment of premium. 

Click pictures whenever required
There are times when the insurance holder narrates the real story to an insurance agent about an accident and the agent/insurance company does not believe it. Hence, you must always click pictures to prove your side of story.​