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Get the Best Deal on Car Insurance

Let us share a very interesting story about two friends – Amit and Sahil. Not just good friends, Amit and Sahil are neig​hbours as well. Both of them are working in multinational companies since almost two decades now. They live in Delhi and their area is a good locality full of greenery. You can call it pure coincidence that both of them also own the car of a similar model and make. One day, both of them suddenly started discussing about car insurance and Amit was astonished to know that Sahil was paying much less than Amit despite owning the car of the same make and year of manufacturing.

Amit got furious and started cursing his insurance company. Do you know why was he paying a higher premium despite being in a similar setting as Sahil? Both of them live in the same locality but the difference is that Amit did not share some information about his locality which Sahil did. Sahil informed the company about a safe parking facility that is available in the locality which Amit did not. Amit is not to be blamed as he was not aware that he could save on the car insurance premium by merely informing the insurance company about this fact. The more you inform your car insurance company about these things, you are in a better position to get a good deal on the premium. 

Besides this fact, there are a lot of other points that one should consider to get a great deal on the car insurance premium. If your car is equipped with high end safety features such as an anti theft alarm, central locking etc, the chances of your car getting stolen go down and thereby you are in a better position to receive a higher discount on your premium. The company should be convinced that you will not raise a claim unless urgent. Once it is convinced, it will offer you the best rates possible.

Another major factor that helps you get the best deal on Maru​ti car insurance premium is the fuel type of your car. The premium on petrol cars is lower than that of diesel cars. Why? The reality is that diesel cars incur more expenditure in case of accidents or repairs. This is the only reason why premium on diesel cars is more than petrol cars.

Even the size of your car plays a major role in determining the car insurance premium. People who own a small car have to shell out a higher premium as compared to people who own large cars as the value of these cars is more. 

If you have more than one car, you can inform the Maruti car insurance company about the same and get a package policy for yourself. Avoid individual policies for all your cars and instead buy the same policy for all your vehicles. You must also make it clear to the company that you are relying on one insurance company for all your vehicles and thereby you must get some benefit in return of your loyalty.