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​​You are so old fashioned bro!” said Varun my younger brother, showing me his dazzling white teeth. All I did was asked him to speak to my insurance agent and buy a medical insurance policy​. This gave him another opportunity to display his tech skills, something which has always been mumbo-jumbo for me. After spending roughly 30 seconds in his pocket, Varun’s phone was out again and his quest on health insurance comparison had begun. In a matter of a few minutes he blurted out the best health insurance policy for his needs like a computer which provides an output after processing your input.​

“You still want me to speak to your agent?” he said, in a tone drenched in sarcasm. It was time I showed Varun who the “big brother” was. I subtly asked him to give me an overview of the features offered by the best Insurance policy. He blurted out the features like a parrot. To his utter surprise, I informed him that another policy offered better services and coverage even though its price is marginally higher. His young blood lacked acceptance and he had to verify my claim by visiting the websites of both the insurance companies. The younger generation hates being corrected and I could see the irritation on his face. This was my cue to rub salt in his wounds. “Kiddo! Do you know a few health insurance companies in India such as Reliance General Insurance offer special discounts for single women and a girl child?“ Varun seemed humbled.

A mere search on aggregator websites is not enough to compare health insurance plans in India. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once we have narrowed down a few top policies, it is imperative to delve deeper and visit the websites of the companies offering these policies. Only then you can be absolutely sure about the pros and cons of each policy.

Finally, I persuaded Varun to buy the best possible mediclaim for his needs. After all, there are only a few things that you can get away with after a lecture from your big brother.

Select the best health insurance plan for your treatment and hospitalization expenses. Choose a policy which will help you safeguard your savings. Purchasing online is hassle free and convenient now!