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Choose Cashless Car Insurance Right Away!

​​​Nowadays, it is very important to have a right motor insurance policy. It is equally important to consider various factors before buying any car insurance​. A motor insurance offers financial protection to your vehicle against unforeseen events like accidents, any damage to the car or third party and/or personal accident. In order to avail the benefits of a car insurance, you would require to pay a premium amount towards your insurance policy.

Obtaining your car insurance policy through online is considered as the best way. One of the key advantage of buying online motor insurance is that the insured (you) gets the policy immediately with no paperwork. Also, in case of online insurance, you can use any mode of payment as per your convenience; like net banking, debit card, credit card payment.

One can also renew or repurchase a car insurance policy through online medium. This service is available for 60 days prior to the date of expiry of the current policy. In case, insurance plan is already expired, the insurance company will set an authorized surveyor to inspect your car before giving approval for the new policy.

In addition, at the time of renewal of your car insurance policy ensure you ask for discount if you have the facility of NCB (No Claim Bonus). An NCB is the discount offered by the insurance company to the insured on the premium amount of his/her own damage; provided the insured has not filed any claim in the previous tenure.

Choose a comprehensive car insurance. Such an insurance plan offers protection for your life and also to the life of the passengers and third party. Under such kind of motor insurance, the insurer also provides risk cover towards theft of the car.

Many car insurance policies are portable in nature. This means that at the time of policy renew you can transfer your insurance plan to another company. Complete information on the benefits of all types of insurance schemes is available in the websites of respective companies. Refer to those websites to grab a better idea of which car insurance is best for you.