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How to Check the Originality of your Car Insurance Policy?

India is one of the major nations which leads in road accidents and therefore it is highly recommended to have motor insurance. When someone mentions insurance fraud then our mind directly goes to false claims and while it is true that fake insurance claims are most common insurance fraud, there also have been a lot of cases where people end up buying a fake insurance policy. These policies attract the customer by offering low premium rates or another kind of bonuses and later the individual finds out that the policy they have purchased is fake.

This is the only reason that one is advised to buy insurance from a reputed and known firm. With insurance now selling online, these frauds are becoming more common. People often fall for bait websites which are just a way to make money from them. However, there are a few things which you can keep in your mind whether you are getting the policy offline or online to be safe from any kind of fraud.

Buying from a credible source​

No matter how professional you are in getting a car insurance, sometimes it is even hard for experts to spot out a fake policy. These policies are so neatly designed that people will often fall for them as a credible source. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you buy a genuine policy is that you get it through the insurer website directly. Get the insurance from a credible source, maybe a source which you have heard before and trust. Also, avoid third party sites to get you to the insurance and offering you bonuses on the way. These generally are clickbait websites.

Make secure payments

Opting for online insurance means that you will have to make the payment online as well. While paying online is safe if you are getting insurance offline you should keep in mind that you pay through cheque This would make sure that you are paying to the right firm. The cheque should be on the name of the firm and not some agent or individual. No amount should be paid in cash even if the person is willing to give you a receipt.

Look for verification Links

The legit policy website always offers a link where you can verify your policy. To confirm that you have purchased the right insurance policy visit the insurer's website and cross-verify the details. Another way is to get in touch with the customer support of the firm and cross-verify your policy validation.

Check the eligibility of the Insurer's

A recognised insurance provider is one who is listed under IRDAI. Presently there are 33 accepted companies which are allowed to sell general insurance. If you are planning to buy car insurance make sure to check IRDAI's website to see if it is from a firm who is qualified to sell insurance.

Once all these details are checked you are safe enough to get the insurance from the concerned website. ​