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How to Check Car Insurance Status Online?

With increased awareness regarding insurance among car owners, the Government of India has also upgraded the online portals for the convenience of the citizens. Now, you can check the status of your car policy online through the Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) website or VAHAN e-services. It is important to check car insurance online to know the status of your policy in case you meet with an accident.

IIB is a database under the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). It collects and stores accurate data for the Indian Insurance Sector, saving you the time and energy needed to physically visit offices or make phone calls to get information regarding your policy status or a third-party car's details. For example, if your car gets hit by a third party, you can find their car's policy details on this platform. You can find all the details online by just entering the car's registration number.

Ways to Get Your Vehicle Insurance Checked

Know how to check vehicle insurance policy status by visiting the IIB website.

  • ​Click on V-Seva. Here you can go through accident records and check car​ insurance online.
  • To find details, you must know the car's registration number.
  • You can search for a car's insurance information a maximum of three times.
  • Here, you'll find information about cars that were insured after 1 April 2010.
  • Note, during policy issuance for a new car, insurance companies submit only the engine and chassis number to the IIB.

How to Check Car Insurance Policy Status Online via IIB: Steps to Follow

Check ​car​-​​insurance, file your claim online and receive the compensation for your losses in an easy, hassle-free way. Here's how:

  • Visit the official website of the Insurance Information Bureau of India.
  • Click on the tab marked V-Seva under “Quick Links". You will be redirected to the page of Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System.
  • Fill in the required details related to your car. You would be asked to enter:
  • ​​Name of the owner
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Email id
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Date and place of the accident
  • Submit the details, and next, you will get all relevant information about the car.
  • Note, that the car registered in the IIB portal has to match the details that you have entered.
  • You can now access the insurance details of the car.
  • From here, go on to the next step such as raising a claim, or knowing your claim status, and more. 

    What Happens When Your Car Insurance Expires?

    To enjoy uninterrupted financial coverage for your car, you must renew your insurance policy on time. Keep a note of the expiry date. Here's how you can check car insurance status through VAHAN e-services:
  • Visit the VAHAN e-services website and click on the tab marked vehicle details.
  • Enter your car registration number.
  • You may have to type in the verification code.
  • You will get a “search vehicle" option.
  • ​Click it to get the vehicle details. You can check the status of the policy.

If your policy has expired, renew it at the earliest. You may have to pay a penalty or late fee along with the renewal premium.


1. How to check car insurance status online?

Visit the official website of the IIB and enter the required details. You will get information about your policy.

2. Why do I need to check my policy status?

If you meet with an accident and need to make a claim, your policy status will be needed to initiate the process. Also, you should be updated about your policy status to avoid missing the renewal date.

3. What to do if I do not see my policy on the IIB portal?

Make sure to put the correct details about your car. If you still do not find the policy, contact your insurer.

4. Is there any other site for checking policy status?

You can visit VAHAN NR e-Services. Put in the car registration number and other details to get the required information. 


Checking your car policy status has become easier thanks to the online method. Apart from your insurer's website, you can check your insurance status on the IIB and VAHAN NR e-Services websites. All you need is your car registration number and some personal details to check if your policy is active. This information will come in handy in case of an accident where you need to raise a claim at the earliest. This information is also helpful in tracking your policy renewal time.​​