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Renewing Car Insurance for your Expired Policy

​Is your car insurance expired?

Renew your expired car insurance online instantly by following these steps:

1) Download the Reliance Self-i App here.​​-

For Android
​For iOS

2) Enter the Policy Number.
3) Verify your auto-fetched details​.
4)Upload vehicle images​.
And it's done!​

1. Intimate your Insurance Company or Agent immediately

It is extremely important to let your Insurance Company or Agent know about the lapse in your car insurance policy. It is possible to renew your expired auto insurance policy but there might be certain exceptions to it. Renewing an expired car policy is not as easy as renewing a normal policy. For instance, you might not have the option of renewing your policy online. Hence, it is always advisable to speak to your Insurance Company or Agent.

2. Don’t waste more time

In case your policy has renewed a few days ago, you can expect some reprieve from your Motor Insurance Company and get to renew your policy in the usual way​. However, if the policy has expired several weeks ago, the Insurance Company won’t be very tolerant. In this case, your application will be considered a fresh one and a surveyor will inspect your vehicle for any damages.

3. Pay the requisite premium

If your car is old or a bit damaged, your Insurance Company will no longer be interested in covering your car. In the near future, you must make sure that you pay your premium on time and never let your car insurance expire. It is extremely important to renew or buy car insurance policy in time.