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Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Coverage Details

Most people perceive car insurance as a pressure from the government or a mere waste of money. It is a necessity for each and everyone who is driving a vehicle on the Indian roads as accidents could occur at any time. Why take chances? A car insurance policy acts as a saviour in difficult situations like road accidents and sudden emergencies. There are people who do not buy car insurance as they believe that they drive safely. However, it is not about how you drive. In case of an accident, it could be anyone's fault but the damage will be caused to both the one who was at fault and the one who had to bear it. It is time you look at car insurance with a completely fresh perspective.

Most of us never delay in taking our car for regular servicing as we care for our car and wish to increase its life. Similarly, an car ​insurance policy also takes care of your car just the way you do when you need it the most. A car insurance policy covers your car against several risks associated with road accidents. It is also believed that the people who do not buy car insurance actually don't know how helpful it is. Let's understand what is covered in a car insurance policy and what is excluded from it.

A car insurance policy covers –


Most car insurance policies include cover from natural calamities or disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, storm and so on. When a calamity strikes, it causes damage to human beings, animals, vehicles etc. The inclusions of a car insurance policy vary from company to company. Go for a comprehensive auto insurance policy and keep your protected from these unforeseen threats.


If your car catches fire or in gets exploded, the vehicle could be completely damaged with almost no chance of revival. The comprehensive car insurance policy covers the losses caused and pays for the replacement of most spare parts. You must check what all parts are covered in case of such damage before buying the auto insurance policy.

Theft or any other unethical activities

In case of a riot, theft or any other anti social activity, there are higher chances of your car getting damaged. A comprehensive auto insurance policy would cover the losses.​

Comprehensive Car Insurance, Covers damage to the vehicle as well as liability risks, Below are the coverage provided

  • Own damage risk coverage accounts for any damage to the vehicle on account of any external accidental means.
  • TP Liability risk coverage against thirst party Property Damage  Limit- INR 7.5 Lacs (Private Car), INR 1Lac (Two Wheelers ) & Death & Bodily injury to third party Unlimited Liability
  • PA to Owner Driver
  •  PA Passenger named – unnamed

 A car insurance policy does not cover-

  • You cannot file a claim if you were not carrying a valid driving license at the time of the incident.
  • If the driver of the car was under the influence of alcohol
  • If your car breaks down due to the driver's fault
  • If your car was used for unlawful activities
  • I f your car was not driven within the geographical limits