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A Guide to Buying the Right Car Insurance For Female Drivers

To get on behind the wheel and learn how to drive a car is one of the most exciting moments of our lives. However, learning how to drive is one thing, and learning to be a good driver is another, as while the former is about learning the basic technique the latter is more about getting the hold of the right skill set and a lot of accomplishment.

Speaking of driving skills, one of the most common debates we often come across is - “Who are the better drivers, women or men?"

Well, though there might be many to debate, yet the answer to this question might never be convincing to all. However, a 2002 article of a leading English daily stated that women are more responsible drivers than men. So, that comes as good news for all the women drivers and something to boast about.

However, whether women are more responsible drivers or not, one thing that no one should miss out in terms of driving is - a motor Insurance policy .  And this has been realized by many insurance companies for whom the facts such as customer behavior, risk involved, age, lifestyle, play an important role in deciding the coverage which will also help them keep their Claim Ratio minimal.

Talking about Car Insurance, the first and foremost factor that clicks one's mind is the “PREMIUM". And, because we have been discussing about the battle of the sexes all this while, it is important to note irrespective of your gender, if you drive and/or own a car, you should get car insurance for yourself and your vehicle.

There might not be much difference between the price and features of car insurance for women or men. However, the difference in price and features of your car insurance would vary in case of model and make of the car and which insurance company you are buying your insurance from.

As already mentioned, your car features play a very important role in deciding the insurance cost.
For instance, cars with a lot of horsepower, a sports car, a high-performance vehicle, a luxury vehicle, large SUVs, cars with added technology features or which have high theft records may fetch you more premium amount than an average or low-end model.​

How to get cost-efficient car insurance plan?​

Hunt for online car insurance deals: The internet channel not only provides you complete information on the coverage benefits and premium amount of different car insurance policies but also offers some of the most rewarding deals on car insurance policies.

Which type of vehicle you own: As your car insurance premium also depends on your car's model and make, it would be wise to consider buying a car that has necessary features that make it less prone to hazards or accidents. If your car is an old one, the better maintained is your car, the better are your chances to save on your car insurance premium. The claim history and safety ratings of the makes and models are taken into consideration by the Insurers, which means, the safer the car has been historically, the less one can expect to pay towards motor insurance premium.

Perform a comparative study for the best deal: You can save a lot if you shop around for the best car insurance deal. In the process, you can also consult different insurance agents, for they may offer you some of the best deals. Nevertheless, in the process of comparative study, ensure that you are comparing similar plans. Consider your preferences as this would help you in prioritizing your coverage benefits.

Safe-driving history can get an individual a Car Policy with lower rates as his/her driving record can turn to be a major pricing factor.

Similarly, speeding and driving under the influence (DUI) strongly affect the Insurance premiums. The former indicating risky driving and a higher possibility of causing accidents can lead to higher premiums.

Research shows - in comparison to women, higher percentage of men are caught for DUI. Additionally, men are more likely to choose cars with high-end models which are expensive to Insure, thus resulting in an increased car insurance rate.

Looking at the trend, it won't be surprising if insurers come up with specially tailored Policies for the lady drivers with special benefits- such as no-claims discount of up to 75%, 24 hours friendly counseling helplines, and fast repair support.​

On a concluding note, whether you are a man or a woman, car insurance is of equal importance to both because it would save you from falling into a financial contingency-like situation in event of an accidental loss.