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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Car Insurance Policy

​​Most pe​ople hide vital details about their while buying car insurance. This may seem extremely convenient at first but is equally taxing when it comes to filing a claim. Apart from these, there are so many other mistakes which one should avoid while buying car insurance policy –

Buying a policy having the lowest premium

Most of the people who are calculative will feel delighted right after buying car insurance which has the lowest premium. Remember, you are buying car ins​urance​ for its offerings or for the benefits you gain out of the policy and not just because it is cheap. First of all, buying car insurance from a reliable company is extremely essential. The ones which bank on their lowest premium may not be that reliable to sustain. Even if you end up buying a car insurance policy with the lowest premium, you must figure out why is it so cheap and what is it not offering you. If you are paying a low premium, it is obvious that you are going to receive a low cover in case of an unfortunate incident. Look for a policy that has adequate cover in order to get the maximum benefit out of your policy.

Details about the driver or the history

The age of the one who is going to drive the car is one of the factors that determine the premium of a ​Maruti car insurance policy​.(For example - if he is driving a Maruti car, the Maruti car insurance policy​ will have different benefits and coverage options). Other things such as the driving style of the driver, safety accessories installed in the car and the usage pattern are also taken into consideration while determining the premium of your car policy. You think hiding a few details will help you keep your premium under control whereas it could be the other way around. You could save on your premium by maintaining transparency in the process of buying a car insurance. If the insurance company finds out that you had hidden something while buying a policy at a later stage, the company can dissolve your policy or count it to be invalid.

Giving precedence to smaller deductibles

The calculative nature comes into the picture again. Most people try and look for a policy wherein they have to pay a lower deductible.
A deductible is an amount that a policyholder pays before receiving the claim. There is a certain amount that is paid by the person who holds the policy and the maximum amount is paid by the insurance company in the form of a claim. If you are opting for a plan with a lower deductible, you have to pay a higher premium. Instead, you must go for a car insurance policy that asks you to pay a higher deductible as that could help you receive the NCB (no claims bonus). 
No claims bonus is the additional amount that the insurance company pays you if you do not file a claim for a stipulated period of time.

Buying it in offline mode

You can save on your premium when you buy car insurance online​ as the offline mode involves the costs of an agent. Buy a car insurance policy online and you can easily avoid all the unwanted costs. Insurance companies willingly offer policies at lower costs to online buyers as the company perceives them to educated and therefore careful.