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Car Insurance in Hyderabad


Car Insurance in Hyderabad

​​Hyderabad is the capital of the state of Telangana. The city is steeped in Deccani culture, having been the capital of the Nizams of Hyderabad for more than three and a half centuries. The winter residence of the President of India, known as Rashtrapati Nilayam is located in Hyderabad. The city's most famous landmark is the Charminar. Today, Hyderabad is known for its information technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and its Deccani cuisine.

Roads make up 10% of Hyderabad's city area. State Highway 1 connects Hyderabad to Shamirpet, Karimnagar, and Ramagundam. State Highway 4 connects Hyderabad to Chevella, Parigi, and Kodangal. National Highway 44 connects, which passes through Hyderabad, connects the North and South of India. National Highway 65 connects Hyderabad to Pune.
In 2011, Hyderabad had a GDP of $74 billion and it is one of India's fastest growing cities. The city's growing affluence also reflects in the large number of cars you can find on the city's roads. In fact, many people prefer cars to other modes of transport because they are relatively anonymous, private and comfortable. But when you talk about cars, can car insurance be far behind?