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Car Insurance – Do’s & Don’ts to Prepare Your Car for Rainy Season

​The monsoon brings a lot of joy for all the people and it is common to see people enjoying this season a lot. However, car owners experience a little difficulty on the Indian roads in this season. The trouble begins when roads are filled with water to the brink and due to invisibility, the driver is not able to decide which part of the road to drive in. Monsoon is also one of the leading causes of accidents here. 

The streets become slippery, potholes fill up, roads are waterlogged and amidst this commuting in busy traffic becomes difficult and slow. First of all, if you are driving with a car it is compulsory to have car insurance, be it any season. Having car insurance gives a peace of mind and nobody has seen the future you can get into some trouble with your vehicle at the most unexpected time. You can prevent these losses by getting motor insurance and be covered in times of mishaps. Also, with the precaution to be taken with your car while driving in Monsoon are - 

Extra Protection for the Vehicle: There is an option to choose specific add-ons which will cover the cost of many things which is not covered under the basic plan. The best example would be the reimbursement of engine and gearbox repair. Also, it is common to skidding problem of the vehicle in the rainy season and having tyre cover for the aid is the best thing you can get. Having road assistance will also be a big benefit.Avoid starting the engine in waterlogged areas: Driving in rain is nothing new for Indians especially for people living in Mumbai. If the car is by any chance stuck in rain in a waterlogged area, do not try to start your engine. This could cause the flooding water to enter in the car's engine and could cause severe damage. Also, the damage under these conditions would not be covered under your basic motor insurance plan.
Keep the authorities informed: If by chance you get into an accident or any other trouble with your vehicle you must inform the authorities immediately about the accident. The police will immediately file the FIR and it will be a necessary document to get the insurance cover. Attach all the document when you are submitting the claim to your insurer. Minor Damages: Never make a claim for any kind of minor damage done to the vehicle. This will preserve the No Claim bonus which is a big added benefit from the side of the insurer. No claim bonus can go up to 50% which is why affording the repair cost of minor damages on your own is a better option.
Take Digital Route: Claim settlement can now be done online and is an easy process. Your insurer may contact you if they need a meeting or a few other documents but most of the process could be done online and with the claim settling process is very fast. 


Buy car insurance online now and have safety for your vehicle in the monsoon season.​