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How to Cancel your Car Insurance Policy

​​​Cancelling your Car Insurance policy is certainly possible. Nevertheless, you will receive a refund only after you have submitted a copy of the alternate policy to your existing Insurance Company.

Car Ins​urance​ is mandatory by law; hence your existing company needs to know that a policy has been bought in place of the current policy, to proceed with the cancellation.​

T​he company will charge you a certain amount depending on the number months which have passed from the policy period.(as per terms and conditions of the policy​) However, keep in mind that you are not eligible for a refund after 8 month of your policy period. 

The cancellation process is pretty straightforward. You have to intimate your Motor Insurance Company ​through email or calling up at their call centre ​and request the cancellation of your policy​. Once, the request has been processed and the necessary details have been provided, cancellation takes places in approximately a week.