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​While searching for car insurance, you will be surprised to know the various plans available, which are designed to fulfil different requirements. The basic car insurance does not cover all the costs that you may incur in an accident. Bumper to bumper insurance as it sounds is made for the specific job. The common question which now arises is, how this policy is different from comprehensive insurance. We commonly knew comprehensive insurance to provide complete coverage. To understand better, let's take a look at bumper car insurance details.​

How is this different?

Under a comprehensive insurance plan, the insurance company will depreciate the value of parts that are to be replaced before settling the claim. However, in bumper to bumper cover, the insurance covers the cost for all the parts, except for engine, batteries, tyres, tubes and glass. It is generally offered as an add-on with the standard policy. You might have heard the common name of the policy as called 'Zero Depreciation Cover​' or 'Nil Depreciation Cover'. The policy adds extra coverage and almost gives 100% coverage in case of damage to the car. It's an excellent choice especially for

  • New Car owners
  • Luxury Car Insurance
  • Inexperienced Car owners
  • Car owners who live in an accident-prone area
  • Car owners who are concerned about minor dents

  • Benefits of Bumper to Bumper car insurance cover

    An accident always causes loss of property and few times loss of life as well. The cost to replace car parts is enormous for people who have spent their hard-earned cash to get the vehicle in the first place. Even after raising a standard claim, you may end up paying 50% of the bill from your pocket. With the inclusion of bumper to bumper cover, you will add more benefits to the policy and can expect a 100% coverage.

    Main benefits of bumper to bumper car insurance

  • Complete coverage while settling the claims
  • Protection from depreciation due to any damage cover
  • Beneficial especially for luxury car owners
  • Gives peace of mind to the owner knowing that 100% of their damages are covered

  • What is not covered in bumper to bumper car insurance?

    Generally, with bumper to bumper motor insurance cover, ​​the insurer allows only two claims during the policy period. However, this differs from insurer to insurer. 
  • The insurer will decline the claim if it is known that the vehicle has been used for any illegal or unethical activity
  • If you are using the private car for commercial purpose, then also the claim could be denied
  • Engine, battery, tyre, glass, and the bearing damages are not covered
  • The expiration of the policy will lead to a denied claim
  • The claim has to be raised in a specific time limit, Failure to do so will result in a denied claim
  • Damages due to mechanical breakdowns are not covered
  • Accessory damage​s are not covered
  • In case the driver was drinking while driving the claim will not be approved

  • Thus it is always advisable to buy car insurance to stay protected at all times.