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​​If you are buying car insurance​​​ for the first time, on an obvious note you would be new to comparison of car insurance. Take a look at the following tips to understand the process of comparison of car insurance policies. Such comparisons help one in getting the best deal at the best price.

Buying a car insurance policy is different from buying just any other product. In addition, selecting the best available car insurance policy is a very difficult task in itself. The below mentioned steps will help you with your comparison of car insurance policies and fetch you the best deal to meet your requirements.

1. Cheap is not always the best: Cost of car insurance premium is certainly one of the primary areas of concern for someone planning to buy a car insurance policy. It is this aspect of car insurance that decides the affordability of an individual. Therefore, in order to meet the affordability factor, many individuals buy cheap car insurance policies. However, a cheap car insurance policy might not always be the best car insurance policy. Buying a car insurance policy just on the basis of the cost of premium might not cover you against heavy losses. Thus, even after buying a car insurance policy you may stand at risk of bearing the cost of accidental loss/damage of your vehicle.

2. Look for deductibles in a car insurance policy: With deductibles included in your car insurance policy, your premium amount will automatically come down. This means, you would pay comparatively less car insurance premium, and continue to avail same benefits that you would have otherwise got with a higher premium. However, before deciding the deductible amount of your car insurance policy, first calculate your premium by setting different deductible amounts and accordingly depending upon your affordability choose the deductible. Remember, your deductible amount should be such which you can bear from your pocket at any given time during the policy tenure. In order to reduce your premium amount do not exceed the budget of your deductible, it may turn out to be an expensive affair at the time of crisis hour.

3. Grab discounts when available: Ask the car insurance company for what discounts they offer and enquire about the eligibility criteria for the same. If you stand eligible for any of their discounts, avail it, for it would help you reduce your car insurance premium in a better way.

4. What is the quality of company’s customer service: At the time of comparison of car insurance policies available in the market, try to get an idea about the quality of the company’s customer service. During a crisis like situation, you might need to contact the customer service for your certain requirements, thus it is very important that the company should have a good customer service for your support.

5. Claim service: The sole purpose of a car insurance is providing you financial security during an unforeseen event like accident. Therefore, above anything else, it is most important that the car insurance company you choose should have a good claim service record. Do a research about the car insurance company’s market reputation on the same before buying any policy.