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When it comes to selecting safety products such as insurance, most people turn on to their friends for suggestions. They either take multiple suggestions from most of their friends and then take their own decision or blindly buy what their friend has bought or they buy the policy that is being advertised aggressively on TV or internet. Just like any other sector, insurance or its offerings also differ from company to company in term​s of coverage, turnaround time, claim settlement service etc. Hence, it is advisable to do your homework thoroughly before buying a policy as it is a matter of your life or your personal belongings. All in all, it is your duty to settle for the best insurance provider with a wider coverage and prompt service.

There are many small factors which are involved and must be paid attention to while buying a policy. The habit of blindly following what others have bought could land you in a trouble. The most important thing is to know what to ask for. Today, agents mostly try to sell you the car insurance policy that is eventually profitable for them. Here, your knowledge comes to your help. Make sure that you get in touch with someone who is not greedy and knowledgeable at the same time.

Do not fall prey to tall claims and take things lightly especially when it is something as crucial as insurance.

Here is a list of 5 questions you must ask your agent before buying a car insurance policy

Coverage type

There are several types of car insurance policies. One of them is accidental policy which covers the repairs of your car after damage or an accident. This is generally taken for cars that are newer. This type of policy is not required for cars that are older than 3-4 years. The second type is comprehensive Mahindra car insurance policy which covers damage costs from damages caused by non collision incidents like theft, fire etc. There are a couple of other types of car insurance but most people generally opt for comprehensive car policy. However, you can choose your coverage type based on your requirement.

Risk assessment

The premium that you are liable to pay a certain amount of cover depends upon your likelihood to ask for a claim. The insurance companies determine your premium on the basis of your age, car, sex etc.


If at all you file a claim, there is a certain am​ount you need to pay before the rest is paid by the insurance company. Ask how much would that amount be? Choose your Mahindra car insurance​ policy based on your requirement.


Simply do not pay the amount upfront; know what the ongoing deals are offered by the company in return of buying a policy. There are a lot of attractive schemes offered but they differ from company to company.

Payment terms

There are several payment options offered by a company. While most companies charge the entire amount for an annual Mahindra car insurance policy; there may be a select few who offer easy payment schemes.