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​Of late, the cars running on Indian roads have become much more efficient, high on performance and comfortable. However, the life of a car really depends on the way it is maintained. Your car may always look like new and work well if it is maintained properly. If the car is not sent for regular servicing, there are chances of its performance being compromised. However, every car needs little maintenance at some point of time in its life for smooth and efficient functioning.

Maintenance may mean a lot of money for repairs and replacement of spare parts which costs a fortune. In order to stay protected from the unwarranted expenses of maintaining your car​, here are some tips to follow. These tips are provided by experts and car lovers –

Tyres are the foundation of your car
The car runs on four wheels. Not just literally, wheels are actually the foundation of your car. The smooth maneuverability of your car is only possible if the tyres of your car are maintained properly. The grip of the tyres allows them to provide traction on the roads. The chances of car skidding are higher when the tread of your tyres is affected. Thankfully, there is a car insurance policy​ to protect you. The least you can do on a daily basis is to get the pressure of your tyres checked at a petrol pump or at a garage. If the pressure is not as per the standards of your vehicle model, make sure you maintain the right pressure.

Change oils at timely intervals
Oil plays a vital role in the lubrication of the internal parts of your car engine. If the oil is inadequate, the metal parts of your car start aging. This could result in engine problems in future. Hence, you must get the engine oil changed from time to time.

The filters
You may have heard of the terms – air and oil filters while you send your car for servicing. If you are not using your car on a regular basis, you may not feel the need to send it for timely servicing. This could lead to air filters getting clogged due to climatic conditions. The unclean air filters result in poor fuel economy which affects the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. If you have a diesel car, there are fuel filters which must be replaced from time to time for the smooth functioning of your engine.

Seasonal servicing
You must get the brakes, battery and other parts of your car checked before the monsoon season arrives.
Make sure your car insurance policy is renewed
The damages caused by accidents are mostly major which require a lot of financial aid. A car insurance policy covers the costs associated with damage caused by accidents. Make sure you renew your car insurance policy​ on time.​​